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Mars Pro II series are the best LED light

Mars Pro II series are the best LED light
By Sara hu 3 years ago 15179 Views 3 comments

Mars Pro II series are the best light among our lights

Mars-hydro first published the Mars Pro series,it with the function : Monitors temperature and humidity Setting ,Operated by remote control

But after our customers tried the Mars Pro series,they give us feedback that they actually do not need remote control,dimmable functions,changeable spectrum function.It complicated to use the smart system.

Based on Mars Pro series we published the Mars Pro II series,we make it “plug and play” without the remote control.

Mars Pro II series(with switches) become the best light among our lights so far.

Firstly, Mars Pro II series use creative reflector Cup design collects 100% of the light emitted from the LED chips giving you the most even and blended spectral output possible.

Mars II and Reflector series install with lens which reduce 10-20% of the light emitted from the LED as it passes through. Mars Pro II doesn't add lens so as to output the complete light as much as possible and penetrate deeper,and Meanwhile,Mars Pro II will not have lens problem.

Secondly, unlike Mars II or Reflector series, Mars Pro II has vents around the panel, so as to dissipate the heat more effectively,the heat will not remain inside of your light,so this light will run cooler.

Thirdly,Mars Pro II is better built-up,install with upgraded chips and drivers, will last longer.

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Vincent Marston 2 years ago at 10:22 PM
does the Pro 2 120 have any infrared lights in them?
Tina Mars Hydro 2 years ago at 7:20 PM
Hi Vincent, yes, there is IR in our pro II lights. :)
Elmandito 2 years ago at 3:45 PM
Is there any UV spectrum? This is being shown to have some good effect on plant growth in some studies...