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Mars Pro II series:None-glass cover light

Mars Pro II series:None-glass cover light
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Mars Pro II series:None-glass cover light,run cooler

Most of LED grow lights have glass covered,it will make sure the lights which emitted from the diodes more uniform and lead the

way to plants.Otherwise the lights will glowing to many different angles, and causing about 10-15% light loss.Meanwhile,the light

will be reduce 10%-20% after it pass through the glass,and it will keep the heat inside of the glass cover,which is not good for heat


Mars Pro II series solved this problem. Based on Mars II and Reflector series,Mars Pro II series lights install without glass cover,

it collect the lights with the reflection cup.

Without the glass cover,the lights will 100% go to the plants without any light reduce.The heat which accumulated inside the light

will speed up the light-fades,so without the glass cover,will also help to protect your light,extend its life span.

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