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Marshydro COB LED grow light

Marshydro COB LED grow light
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Marshydro COB LED grow light

Mars-hydro COB LED grow light\ published on August 17th,2017.


This COB light use Cree cxb3590 and OSRAM chips.In the center of the light is full white spectrum Cree chips,Mars-hydro want to make it better for plants growing,so we add a circle of red and blue CREE and OSRAM chips,which is more specific for plants growing,so as to maximize the yield.


We use MeanWell driver which is one of the best driver.


In order to meet the needs of indoor growing,Mars-hydro made this light fanless,it’s very quite to use.

The whole casing is made of aluminum material which will collect the heat from the light and dissipate the heat to air.Meanwhile,the power cord is made of fireproof material,so it’s very safe to use.


Meanwhile,thisMars COB LED grow light is IP65.

Mars COB LED grow light will arrive USA warehouse at the beginning of Sep,will arrive UK,EU,AU,Canada warehouse at the end of Sep.

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Eddie 2 years ago at 4:22 AM
What is the difference btw COB led and COB
Vera 2 years ago at 1:50 AM
COB means "Chip on Board" , It means multiple diodes on the same surface. COB led means COB led grow light, actually no matter the COB or COB led, both are means COB led grow light. They are just the abbreviation of COB led grow light.