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Mix Good Soil For Your Growing

Mix Good Soil For Your Growing
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Mix good soil for your growing

When you decided to growing plants in soil, mix good soil is very important.

In order for a plant to grow and thrive,root system is vital.Water and oxygen is very important to the root.Too much water,the plant roots can't get enough oxygen ,it will get droopy from watering; not enough water retention,the roots can be injured from drying out too quickly.

Make sure you got Good Cannabis Soil:

Appears dark and rich

Loose texture

Drains well (make sure the extra water to drain out from the bottom)

Holds water without getting muddy

Perlite is one of the most common soil amendments. It is very light, airy white "rocks" that add oxygen while increasing overall drainage ability.Add perlite to the mix (10-40% of the total volume).

Coco Coir

Coco coir is made from coconut husks.Coco has some unique properties that make it a good supplement for cannabis soil mixtures.Coco improves water retention,but doesn't make soil heavy.

Worm Castings

It will improves texture, drainage and moisture retention;add a natural source of nutrients that breaks down slowly.

Add up to 30% worm castings in your soil,it contains nutrients, but it will not burn your plants.

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