Mars Hydro best commercially-viable greenhouse led grow light -SP6500 LED grow light released


After months of studying and testing, we released a new member of the SP family - SP6500. It delivers an unbelievable amount of light as a small fixture with a single LED bar, and stands for our light quality and LED technology. Let’s see what it can do.


  • Coverage: 3’x5’ (90x150 cm)
  • Wattage: 650W
  • Replace HPS: 1000W
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • Size: 1073*90*92mm
  • Gross Weight: 10.485KG


Why invest in SP6500?


1. Samsung Lm301b diodes

Because of Samsung’s advanced diode level color calibration and brightness correction technology, all of our SP6500 diodes use Samsung Lm301b diodes to gain the best luminous efficiency. As a result, our SP6500 is much brighter and more energy-efficient than other brand lights. Besides Samsung, we also use Osram 660nm,which is also a very impressive LEDs brand, to make the spectrum more balanced.

2.Superior energy efficiency

SP6500 has 2,356 pcs diodes. But the current of each chip is only 80mA(while others are over 200mA), so it only draws 650W.

When electricity flows along with the cables, a lower current is able to reduce resistance in the conductors, so it allows growers to run more pieces of lights on the same voltage, reduce light decay, and extend diodes’ life span. When you use the same pieces of lights of the same wattage, the light which has a lower current can use less electric power and save your cost of course. (Amp: 5.341A@AC120V 2.623A@AC240V)

Therefore, SP6500 is highly recommended for commercial-scale growers.


3. High light penetration


Light penetration is important if your plants grow high and dense. General lights are difficult to deliver light to big plants. However, owning 2,356 pcs diodes on a single bar, SP6500 has the strongest light intensity and penetration to pass light deep enough through the whole plant.


This is also the reason why SP6500 is suggested to high plant owners and for home growers to hang higher than other lights.


4. Specially-designed radiator


For such powerful light, heat is always a problem. But no problem with SP6500. It has a skeleton-designed aluminum heat sink, achieving optimal passive heat dissipation ability. This special radiator design can help you grow with no noise or heat issue.


5. Scientific Spectrum


Proper spectrum engineering enables faster growth, more harvests, and better quality plants. SP6500 is full-spectrum in 260-440nm(UV), 650-665nm, 2800-3000k, 4800-5000k and 730nm(IR). The ratio we engineered is perfect for plants at all growing stages

Besides, different from other lights, SP6500 has a very high ratio in the red spectrum, which can contribute to the flowering stage. It helps to increase leaf size and potentially increase the growth rate.


6. Dimming and daisy chain function


The new Dimming function provides growers with an easier way to control the light brightness by just using a knob. Daisy chain function also makes it more convenient for growers with multiple lights to adjust all lights at one time, helping to save time and power bills. Plants can also grow better with different power at different growing stages.


Recently, we’re working on a new controller that will be able to control more than 100 lamps with this daisy chain function at the same time.


Application Scenarios Recommendation

The SP6500 is highly recommended for commercial growers. It is suitable for many growth scenarios like indoor room cultivation and greenhouse especially.

All in all,SP6500 is our newest light that has the best quality. It is a small lamp that has incredible brightness and power. With just a single bar, it distributes the top light and uses less electricity, helping you get the best yield with the lowest cost. There are much more possibilities in this little fixture, welcome you all to discover with us! Clickhere to see more details about SP6500.



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