Mars Hydro grow tent kits buying guide

A grow tent kit promises supreme convenience for at-home plants cultivators. Instead of measuring and shopping for multiple tents, lights, and ventilation ducts, these kits come with everything you need to get started growing. But is a grow tent kit genuinely worth it? 

For first-time indoor cultivators, buying a grow tent kit is thebest decision for both cost & convenience. Grow tent kits are cheaper than buying parts separately. Plus, these kits provide growers with optimal control over their environment. Since all of the tools in a grow tent are pre-measured, there’s no need to break out your measuring tape and figure out which items will fit in your space. 

It may seem like grow tent kits cost more than buying tools separately, but they always save indoor home-growers time, aggravation, and money.

What Home-Growers Should Know Before Picking A Grow Tent Kit? 

If you’re sold on the benefits of buying a grow tent kit, you may be wondering how to pick the perfect product.

Firstly, you have to figure out the area you have to work with. Determine the maximum area you could comfortably fit a grow tent in, and please don’t forget to measure the height! Ideally, the grow tent you purchase will be slightly smaller than your total area for maximum ease & comfort. 

When you have these measurements in hand, look at the dimensions of grow tent kits. It should be pretty easy to figure out which tents will squeeze into your space.

If you see multiple grow tent sizes that work for your area, ask yourself how many plants you’re interested in growing. You also have to factor in how tall your chosen strains will grow. Knowing all this info beforehand will help you determine how many plants you could comfortably plant in your grow tent’s allotted space. 

The Three Essentials — WhatTo Consider Critically InEvery Grow Tent Kit

As you’re sifting through various grow tent kits, you should pay careful attention to the following tools: 

  • Grow light
  • Grow tent
  • Ventilation with carbon air filters 

Since each of these elements is essential in a grow tent kit, they must meet your quality standards.

grow tent kits

High-Quality LED Lighting = High-Potency Nugs 

Grow Light is the most important part of the kit. This is because only the light source can directly promote plant growth in the set. The rest of the equipment, such as tent and fan, provide the possibility to create a good environment for plant growth. Therefore, it is best for buyers to find a brand that mainly produces grow lights. In this way, the quality of the lights and the yield of the crop can be guaranteed. When we choose the grow light, we need to pay attention to two points, PPFD and spectrum.

Firstly, in terms of lighting, your grow tent kit’s light should have the ideal PPFD and function for plants cultivation. In general, PPFD is best for plants growth in the range of 900-1000 µmol/m2/s. However, different growing stages require different PPFD. To easily achieve this purpose, a dimmer should be included in LED grow lights so you can adjust the light intensity throughout the growth process.

Secondly, although PPFD scores are significant for growing Plants indoors, they aren’t the only factor that makes a great LED grow light. Another feature buyers need to look out for is an LED light’s color spectrum. Full-spectrum LED grow lights are the best option for growing plants because they mimic the natural light from the sun. To date, only high-quality LED lights can provide growers with the full-spectrum of light Plants needs for tremendous growth. 

Furthermore, a professional LED light manufacturer should use high quality chips. For example, Samsung chips, which provide high quality light efficiency and excellent heat dissipation. Other diode chips like BridgeLux chips, Epistar chips are good as well.

What’s So Significant About A Sturdy Grow Tent? 

A professional tent will protect your plants from seed to harvest and is an easy task to choosing a great tent.

Great grow tents should always have a high thread count (measured in “denier”). The higher the denier number, the less light will leak out of your unit. A crucial benefit of using an indoor grow tent is concentrating light penetration on your plant, so a superior grow tent needs high-quality threading.

You also have to ensure the grow tent in your kit can handle all the lights and ventilation equipment you intend to hang. Please double-check the weight specifications to see if your grow tent can withstand whatever you’re planning on putting on it. 

If you don't know how to buy a professional tent, Mars Hydro tents are a good choice. Which common grow tent on the market use 600D, while Mars Hydro grow tents are made of thick 1680D canvas that does not leak light and lined with the mylar reflective that increases light reflection by 25%. You may be concerned about the weight that the grow tent can load. Mars Hydro' sturdy and stable iron brackets can hold up to 200 pounds, safely carrying lighting and ventilation for plant growth.

Mars hydro grow tent

Let Your Plants “Vent” Without The Stench! 

Thirdly, a grow tent kit needs ventilation ducts and carbon air filters. 

Ventilation may seem like a “secondary issue”, a good airflow strategy and carbon air filters also prevent skunky plants smells from leaving your grow space. The ventilation system must be simple to operate and use, which will make your growing more efficient. When choosing a ventilator, it is best to have a speed controller or smart controller. It is convenient for growers to adjust the wind speed.

Poor quality ventilation system has a very short life cycle. A good manufacturer knows how discretion is a big deal for indoor plants cultivators. That’s why we only use premier carbon air filters made with virgin activated charcoal from Australia. Mars Hydro lab tests have shown these filters have phenomenal microporosity, which helps scoop up even the dankest of scents. 

As for the quality of Mars' fans, there is even less to worry about. High-quality ABS plastic and motor ensure the durability and quietness of the fan, and the tilted fan blade increases the airflow by 40% compared with ordinary ones, and the air speed can reach 400CFM.

Although the three items above are essential to a grow tent kit, there are usually other items, such as grow bags, grow net and timer, etc. Kit accessories are useful as long as they are suitable for planting needs.

grow tent kit accessories

Why Choose Mars Hydro Grow Tent Kits? — Quality, Cost, & A Ton Of Choices! 

Mars Hydro’s grow tent kits constantly rank as the best products for beginner plants cultivators. Why? Well, we believe it comes down to three crucial features: 

  • High-quality design
  • Affordable prices
  • Dozens of options

Mars Hydro is a professional manufacturer which dedicated to indoor growing system and mainly manufactures LED grow lighting solutions and indoor grow tents. Mars Hydro guarantees the quality and output of it’s grow tent kits superior to other non-professional LED light manufacturers and offer a five-year warranty. There are  also many options for planting, with four different sizes to choose from, and they are have different types of lights and fans. If you have enough budget, you can choose Samsung chip lights and smart control fans, if you have a smaller budget, you can choose BridgeLux chip lights and normal fans, which perfectly meet everyone’s requirements.

Mars Hydro put their immense skill into making these grow tent kits as efficient, affordable, and easy to set up as possible. Our goal is to help customers with minimal gardening experience get growing Plants ASAP.

Please visit this webpage for info on Mars Hydro’s line of grow tent kits. You could also reach out to our customer care team on this link for more specific details.