Mars Hydro grow tent kits in the room. What are grow tent kits?

It would be nice if cultivators could pop their plants in a professional grow tent and magically harvest them a few months later. In reality, indoor growers always need more than just a grow tent; hence, companies like Mars Hydro now offer “grow tent kits.” In addition to a professional grow tent, these kits include the tools required to grow plants indoors. With a high-quality grow tent kit, even new cultivators could immediately start growing a batch of seeds.

What Should You Expect In A Grow Tent Kit? — Essential vs. Non-Essential Items


What are grow tent kits? Or what should be included in a grow tent kit exactly? Of course, a “grow tent kit” should contain a well-threaded grow tent that helps maintain your grow space and prevents light leakage. However, the “kit” in this term may need a bit of “unpacking.”


While every grow tent kit may have slightly different items, there are a few essentials customers should expect when buying this product.

  • A grow tent
  • A grow light
  • A ventilation system
  • Plant containers

4 essentials in a grow tent kit

First, a grow tent kit should have a grow light with hangers that fit inside the tent. While most grow tent kits nowadays include LED grow lights due to their higher performance.


After a grow light, all grow tent kits should have a ventilation system. This should include an inline duct fan that fits your tent to provide adequate airflow and carbon air filters to get rid of some distinctive scent.


Thirdly, grow tent kits need containers to put your plants in. These could include grow pots or grow bags that maximize your tent’s space.


Of course, there should also be a manual with your grow tent kit to let you know how to put all of these units in their proper places.


There may also be a few “non-essential” items in a grow tent kit that help customers maintain their grow area. For instance, Mars Hydro grow tent kits come with humidity & temperature monitors to track your tent’s environment. Mars Hydro also includes a timer that can help you set lighting schedules or reminders, and a grow net to help with your plant branches.

non-essentials which mars hydro grow tent kits include for growers

If you’d like to learn more specifics about setting up a Mars Hydro grow tent kit, we’d strongly encourage you to read this guide on “Inline Duct Fan Installation.”


Why Would Someone Get A Grow Tent Kit?  The Advantages Of Buying All In One


Convenience is the most obvious benefit of buying a grow tent kit. Since these packages include the most essential tools for growing indoor plants, customers don’t have to spend hours researching different products from multiple manufacturers. Everything in a grow tent kit should be pre-measured, which means the included grow light and ventilation ducts will be optimized for your grow tent’s environment.


Plus, since everything in a grow tent kit comes from one business, it’s far easier for customers to report an issue. You won’t have to worry about calling multiple companies if you are concerned about your growing equipment. Since all of the products come from the same manufacturer, you can address all of your questions to one customer care division.


Lastly, buying a grow tent kit is cheaper than ordering dozens of products from different sites. Even if you get “good deals” buying grow lights, filters, or ventilation ducts from other stores, you’re still going to have to spend extra on shipping & transit.


Not only that, grow tent kits tend to be cheaper than buying all of the equipment in the kit separately. New growers will always enjoy a more significant ROI by ordering all of their necessary tools in a grow tent kit rather than searching for lights, ventilation ducts, and carbon air filters on various sites.

mars hydro grow tent kits offer you a free and clean grow evironment

As a result of the benefits, grow tent kits are especially good for beginners. People with minimal experience cultivating indoor plants usually don’t know how to properly configure their grow space, and have to waste time sifting through different brands and doing complex calculations. 

Customers who buy grow tent kits enjoy a one-stop shopping experience, a lower overall price tag, and the assurance that every item has been carefully calibrated for the included tent. These three factors make grow tent kits an obvious choice for first-time cultivators who want an easy and discreet way to grow indoor plants.


How Can Customers Find The All In One Grow Tent Kit That Suits Their Needs?


Just because grow tent kits offer so many advantages doesn’t mean they’re always worth your money. As with any other product, you must evaluate the brand’s reputation. You aren’t going to “save cash” by opting for a poorly manufactured tent kit.


There’s a reason Mars Hydro all-in-one grow tent kits remain the best-selling units in the indoor growing community. We’d encourage anyone interested in the convenience of a grow tent kit to review Mars Hydro’s history in the industry and our current grow tent kit collection. You could also learn more about how to choose the best grow tent kit in our following blogs.