Installation And Tutorial Of Inline Duct Fan Kit-Mars Hydro

Air circulation is important for indoor growing. Indoor plants plants are usually grown in a relatively sealed environment, such as a closet, tent or room dedicated to growing. A fresh air supply helps plants grow quickly and protects the plants from certain pests and molds.

Mars Hydro Inline Duct Fan can provide fresh air to your sealed growing environment. They offer four and six inch fans with different controllers. You can choose the right fan according to your growing area and needs. This article serves as a tutorial to demonstrate how to install and use Mars Hydro inline duct fan kit inside a tent.


All items in the kit

Clamps, Screws, Belts, Probe Sensor, Thermostat Controller, Carbon Filter, Fan, Duct

All items

Installation Procedures

Step 1: Hang the fan and filter

Hanging the filter and fan to the same height, then connect them. When connecting you can also cut down part of the duct to connect the filter and the fan, which will be more sturdy.

step 1

If you do not know how to tie the belts, please refer to the tutorial below. This method of tying the belts makes it easy for you to adjust the height.

tie belt

Step 2: Connecting the fan to the duct

Connect the fan to the duct and secure them with the climp. Be careful when using the climp, it is sharp.

step 2

Step 3: Connects the fan to the controller

Connect the sensor and fan to the controller, remove the cap before you use the probe. Then power on and you can use it.

step 3

The fan and carbon filter can be moved into position to suit your needs. For example, On the inside, top or side of the tent.

air circulation position

Thermostat Controller Tutorial

Button diagram:

mars hydro inline fan controller

The controller has four modes, The following steps teach you how to operate the controller.


Fan keeps working at set speed

Fan speed can be adjusted from 1 to 10


Fan won't work

Press UP/DOWN buttons to adjust display brightness

Press UP/DOWN buttons at the same time for 3s to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

Press the MODE button and LEAF button to rectify the probe temperature and humidity


Set the fan's working time, with a countdown

Fan works at the speed you set in ON MODE


4 Triggers can be set: High/Low Temperature, High/Low Humidity

When the probe temp/humidity exceeds the set ones, the fan will automatically work till the probe temp/humity is the same with set ones.


Above is the full tutorial of the fan set. Meanwhile, we have created an installation video. Through the video you can be more clear about the installation and use of the inline duct fan set.

If you have questions, leave your comments and we will answer them for you.