The master's indoor grow equipment recommendation

After you get through the difficult novice stage, you will be more excited to practice the growing methods you have mastered, expand your cultivation, and step into perpetual harvest. However, setting up an effective and efficient indoor grow system can be challenging without the proper equipment and knowledge. That's why we've compiled this comprehensive guide to indoor grow equipment recommendations, specifically tailored for the needs of Master growers.

Whether you're a seasoned indoor grower looking to upgrade your equipment or a master just challenging higher-quality harvest, this guide is designed to provide valuable insights and recommendations for creating a successful indoor grow environment with Mars Hydro.

Recommended Best Grow Lights For Indoor Plants

Whether you're going to upgrade your equipment or looking to increase your harvest quality, starting a perpetual growing is essential. But no matter what equipment you're going to invest in, upgrading your lighting to a higher intensity level is always the furthest thing from the truth, especially for high-light plants.

the mars hydro led grow lights for growing plants

In the following, Mars Hydro will divide the high-intensity led grow lights by their PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) levels and pair them with grow tents and ventilation kits. We believe that growers with experiences

Grow Lights That Emit a PPFD of 600-800 μmol/m²/s

It can be paired with a 4x4 grow tent and a 6" inline ducted fan and carbon filter, best suited for low-budget upgraders.

Grow Lights That Emit a PPFD of 800-1000 μmol/m²/s

It can be paired with a 2x4 grow tent and a 4'' inline duct fan and carbon filter kits.

They can be used with a 4x4 grow tent and a combination of 6" inline ducted fans and carbon filters.

They can be paired with a 4x4 grow tent and a 6" duct fan and carbon filter combination and they will be the best blooming tent, or a complete stage grow tent from seed to harvest. They can also serve adequate light for a 5x5 grow tent.

Grow Lights That Emit a PPFD of 1000-1300 μmol/m²/s

The 8000 model can be paired with a 5x5 grow tent and a 6'' ducted fan and carbon filter combination (but we recommend using an air conditioner instead). Please note that when using LEDs with PPFD over 1000 μmol/m²/s, it is best to introduce CO2 into the grow room.

Grow Lights That Emit a PPFD of 1300-1500 μmol/m²/s

It can be used in combination with a 3x5 grow tent and a 6'' inline ducted fan and filter. However, the SP 6500 emits so much light that the height of market-available grow tents cannot support its full potential. We recommend it for use in grow rooms and greenhouses.

They're recommended to be used in 5x5 grow tents or 4x8 grow tents with AC units because they are flexible in body design. However, for the same reason as SP 6500 - they emit intense light, the 1000 watt led lights are too intensive so they are better for grow rooms and greenhouses. (Please note that when using LEDs with PPFD over 1200 μmol/m²/s, it is best to introduce high level of CO2 into the grow room.)

The Advantages of Mars Hydro FC & FC-E LED Grow Lights

Why do we recommend FC & FC-E lights instead of TS lights to experienced growers?

the advantages of mars hydro led grow lights for your indoor garden

The Full Spectrum Light and Color Temperature

When it comes to indoor grow lights, full-spectrum light, and color temperature are essential for healthy plant growth. Mars Hydro FC & FC-E LED grow lights emit a full spectrum of light that closely mimics natural sunlight, which provides adequate blue light for promoting vegetative growth and rich red light for encouraging flowering and fruiting.

In addition, these grow lights offer a color temperature of around 3300k, contributing to the flowering stage for denser and bigger buds. Experienced growers will take this advantage to maximize plant growth and achieve the highest dry weight.

The Bar-style Shape Advantage

The bar-style shape of Mars Hydro FC & FC-E LED grow lights offers a distinct advantage over other grow lights. Unlike traditional panel-style grow lights, bar-style lights provide more uniform coverage, as the bars can be positioned scientifically to allow for greater light penetration and even light distribution into the canopy, resulting in more productive yields and uniform growth.

The bar-style shape also offers better cooling performance. The bar-style design allows for more efficient heat dissipation, with more space in the air and less heat buildup in one area, which is important for maintaining a consistent and stable environment for your indoor plants.

The FC Series and Samsung LM301B Chips

The Mars Hydro FC Series LED grow lights are equipped with Samsung LM301B chips, which have a lower light decay rate compared to other LED chips on the market. This means that even after 3 years of use, the FC Series grow lights will maintain a high level of light intensity, with at least 90% efficiency of the light fixture. This is an important advantage for indoor growers, as it means that the FC Series grow lights will continue to provide high-quality light for your plants over an extended period of time. The high efficiency of the LM301B chips also means that the FC Series grow lights are more energy-efficient than traditional grow lights, resulting in lower energy costs and a more sustainable indoor growing operation.

The FC-E Series and Cost-Effectiveness

Designed with cost efficiency in mind, the FC-E series is a competitive choice in terms of performance and affordability. With a luminous efficiency of up to 2.7 μmol/J, they stand out among other grow lights with the same PPE for their cheaper price, making them a cost-effective option for indoor growers looking to reduce energy costs while still achieving optimal plant growth and yield.

The FC & FC-E Series and Smart Features

The FC Series led grow lights and FC-E Series led grow lights are included in the smart grow system. Mars Hydro provides the smart version of these lights. The smart features allow a lot of user-friendly functions including the ability to control the lights wirelessly using a remote or mobile app, programming a lighting schedule, and setting up environmental triggers for the lights...With their smart features and efficient design, the FC & FC-E Series of LED grow lights are an ideal choice for indoor growers who want a highly customizable and hassle-free grow environment.

Additional Grow Equipment For More Professional Cultivation

In addition to the grow lights, several other pieces of equipment can help take your indoor cultivation to the next level.

the additional indoor grow equipment to use in your indoor garden

Supplemental Lighting

If you want to boost the trichomes, you need additional UV light in the spectrum. If you want to wake up the plants or persuade them to sleep to make the most of the white light emitted, you need infrared light. If you just want bigger and juicier buds, you need both. And the Mars Hydro UR45 provides both along with a separate switch.

Supporting Grow Tools

  • Drip Irrigation Kits: to deliver precise amounts of water to each plant, to prevent over- or under-watering, to ensure that plants receive the optimal amount of moisture for their growth stage, and to save time and reduce water waste.

  • Grow Tent CFM Kits (Support Poles): to prevent negative pressure inside the tent causing the tent to be sucked inwards and the available growing area for the plants to shrink.

  • DWC Bucket System (upcoming): to cultivate plants in a nutrient-rich water solution with high oxygen content for healthy root growth and nutrient uptake to achieve excellent yields.

  • Smart Central Control Hub - iHub Power Strip: to provide centralized control over a range of grow room equipment with advanced scheduling and automation features, allowing growers to program their equipment to turn on and off at specific times or in response to changes in environmental conditions.

To Quickly Assemble A New Grow Room

Assembling a new grow room can be a daunting task for many indoor growers, but using grow tent kits can make the process much easier and more efficient.

Quickly growing plants indoors by using a grow tent kit

Grow tent kits typically come with all of the components needed to create a complete and self-contained growing environment, including a tent, lighting system, ventilation system, and plant containers.

With a grow tent kit, indoor growers can quickly and easily set up a fully functional grow room in a matter of hours, without the need for extensive construction or electrical work. Grow tent kits are also highly customizable, allowing growers to choose the size and configuration that best suits their needs. Whether you're just upgrading your equipment or scaling up your grow space, a grow tent kit can help you do these as quickly as possible.

Mars Hydro provides not only smaller grow tent kits as mentioned in the previous blog for beginner growers, but also provide configurable grow tent kits with higher quality lighting systems and thermostat control systems, including FC-E Series kits (FC-E 3000 grow tent kit, FC-E 4800 grow tent kit, and FC-E6500 grow tent kit) and FC Series kits (FC 3000 grow tent kit, FC 4800 grow tent kits, and FC 6500 grow tent kit).

LED Light Giveaway

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