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Christmas is about way more than just the gifts, but elaborate gifts and the excitement and surprise of the moment your loved ones receive them are already part of Christmas. If someone on your list is an indoor grower, then the best Christmas gifts are those indoor growing equipment gifts that will make them feel practical. How to choose a practical gift for them so they feel pleased rather than embarrassed when opening the packs?

Keep reading, and you’re guaranteed to find the best Christmas gifts for every indoor grower on your list.

The Universal Picks For All Growers’ Christmas: All-In-One Grow Tent Kit

The most comprehensive Christmas gift for home growers is of course a complete grow equipment package. With grow tents, grow lights, ventilation systems, grow bags, and alarm systems included in one package, the grow tent kit is the best pick if you're not sure what grow equipment he or she needs, then a grow tent kit is the way to go - not too small to show up in big holidays like this, and not too expensive to hurt your wallet.

But there are many grow tent kits on the market, which one is to go for?


Grow Tent Kits For Beginner Growers

If the person you are preparing a gift for is a novice grower, hobby grower, or has previously shown a desire to grow indoors but has not yet started, then Mars Hydro TS Lights Grow Tent Kits are the ones to go for.

Mars Hydro TS Series grow tent kits is incomparable in their price range, and easy to control and start for beginners. They provide sufficient and mild lighting to indoor plants paired with suitable inline fans and carbon filters to purify and circulate the air in the grow space so that grow room environment won’t conflict with growers’ life.

For growers who grow houseplants such as succulents, snake plants, etc, or who grow one medical weed, you can present the Mars Hydro TS600 2x2 Grow Tent Kit or TS1000 2.3x2.3 Grow Tent Kit as a gift. They are the most minor grow tent kits with all the basic grow equipment to start indoor growing right away.

For growers who just get a medical license and are preparing to grow on their own, the Mars Hydro TSW2000 4x4 Grow Tent Kit is the best gift. It provides everything needed to grow 4~6 weed plants, perfectly matching the possession limit.

For growers who require a special long space rather than a square, the TSL2000 2x4 Grow Tent Kit is much better. It’s a rectangular kit that spares more space and can grow 2~4 plants.


Grow Tent Kits For Equipment Upgrade Needs

There must be someone on your grower friends list who has been using the same old indoor growing equipment for years. Equip them with the latest grow tent kit! They must be wild with joy!

The Mars Hydro FC-E Lights Grow Tent Kits are the latest and high-quality indoor grow packages. It includes the high-quality FC-E series LED grow lights with an industry-leading luminous efficacy of 2.8umol/j and a promised yield of 2.5 grams per watt, which is 40% more compared to ordinary LED grow lights and 50% more compared to HPS lights. It’s a super upgrade if they are using old lamps from years ago.

For growers who already have some experience with indoor growing, the new upgrade equipment should be the same size or dimensions as their original settings. One thing you need to know before rushing to the biggest and most expensive sets is the size of their grow tents.

mars hydro grow tent kits and inline duct fan, carbon filter, timer, grow bag as Christmas gift for growers

Grow Tent Kits For Perpetual Harvesting

Some growers are experienced in indoor growing and already have the latest grow equipment setup. What kind of grow tent kit will work for them? If they have enough space, but only one set of equipment. Give them a new grow kit! They can start perpetual grow! 

A perpetual harvest grow style means you are constantly harvesting plants. Instead of waiting 8-12 weeks for plants to grow, growers can get a head start. While one batch of plants is in the flowering stage, growers have another batch growing in the vegetative phase and another set of clones or seeds being prepared.

This will be super helpful if your loved one is a certified designated caregiver. Perpetual harvesting will help them and their patients get adequate non-stop medical care. Besides, if your loved grower is running a small flower workshop, it will also be of great help!

So how to pick a suitable set of indoor grow equipment for them?

You may then need to ask them directly if they need another growing setup to grow vegetables or flowers and, most importantly, how much growing space they plan to have for the new setup.


Grow Tent Kits With Smart Ventilation Control

If you feel that ordinary growing equipment is not enough for gift-giving and needs some sense of technology and modernity, then we recommend the Thermostat Grow Tent Kits.

TS1000 2.3x2.3 (ft) Thermostat Grow Tent Kits , TSL2000 2x4 (ft) Thermostat Grow Tent Kit, and TSW2000 4x4 (ft) Thermostat Grow Tent Kits

The difference between the regular grow tent kit and the thermostatic grow tent kit is the ventilation control system. While the regular grow tent kit uses a knob controller to manually control the inline fan speed, the thermostatic grow tent kit uses a digital central controller which monitors climate data and sets alarms and triggers. It can automatically start and stop working when the environment is not in the optimal range. This ventilation system maintains optimal grow climate data and stabilizes the entire grow space.

It’s definitely a practical Christmas gift for every indoor grower.



Gifting A Targeted Christmas Bag: Buying The Exact Device

It's always the most effective way to present what they are lacking! However, there are thousands of devices in the gardening world, and you do not know exactly what they want. If you ask them directly, the level of surprise when they receive a gift becomes less. Finding a universal Christmas gift is the better way to go.

Some would prefer to send a bag of seeds as gifts. It’s easy and cost-efficient. However, if your friend is an experienced indoor grower, we do not suggest doing so, as they usually have their own cultivation plans with scheduled plant varieties. Your kind gift may not be practical.

Targeted Christmas Gifts for indoor growers: led grow lights, smart grow hub iHub power strip

Don’t know what to buy and pick? Just pick up any one of the Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights. No grower will turn down a new grow light! Not to mention a high-quality Mars Hydro light!

Besides, in the cold winter, a seedling heating mat for plant lovers is a savior. It will never be wrong to present it as a Christmas gift.

Surely, if you know exactly which indoor grow equipment to go for, check out Mars Hydro product collections. We provide led grow lights, grow tents, inline duct fans, hydroponic garden kits, grow bags, ducting tubes, and duct clamps.

If you've presented these gifts in the past Christmas, don't worry, we have a new grow device - the iHub Smart Power Strip from Mars Hydro! 

It's a smart grow hub made for home growers, which can remotely manage almost any indoor device on the smartphone - including humidifiers, heaters, lights, fans, and more, with automatic settings, timers, climate triggers, safety monitors and alarms... The best part is that such a technical and practical gift won't cost you a lot of money, but will enhance the convenience and happiness of indoor growing for your loved ones!



The Best Christmas Gift For Indoor Growers

What is the best Christmas gift for indoor growers? There isn't a straightforward answer to this question. The truth is, whatever gift you give to your loved people, as long as they are prepared with sincerity, they will be grateful and appreciated anyway. Accompany your loved people on this special holiday and enjoy your Christmas and New Year!


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