Your Indoor Ventilation Expert–Mars Hydro 6-Inch Oscillating Clip Fan

When growing indoors, sufficient air circulation is definitely the most important factor in growing plants. So how to achieve temperature control, adjust indoor temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide level, and promote air circulation with minimum cost are issues that every grower must consider.


If you happen to be looking for an effective way to ventilate your indoor grow space, the new arrival indoor ventilation expert clip fan of Mars Hydro should be the solution. In this blog we will explain the various advantages of using a clip fan, please read on.

Mars Hydro clip on fan


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The Basic Parameters of Mars Hydro Clip Fans

Two Input Power

Fan Size




30W @110-130V

8.7 x 12inches




20W @220-240V


Small Size Clip Fan for Easy Installation

The overall size of the clip fan is 8.7 x 12 inches, extremely small, convenient, space-saving, and can be installed anywhere in your grow space. Apart from this, its overall weight is only 1.08kg, which is quite lightweight and can help you to install it without effort. Moreover, the wire length of the clip fan is 8.2 feet (2.5m), which is enough length even for hanging high in the grow space.


High-Quality Material Makes It a Professional and Safe Clip Fan

The encrypted mesh grille on the outside of the clip fan and the fan blades on the inside are made of high-quality PP material (Polypropylene). This kind of engineering plastic is waterproof, unbreakable, deformation-resistant, and not easy to break, extremely safe and durable. In addition, the 6.5-inch clip fan blades have been professionally balanced and technically corrected, with more stable operation and a more even air supply!


Adjustable Rotation for Multi-Directional Ventilation

A qualified clip fan should have the ability to achieve all-around ventilation in the grow space, and the Mars Hydro oscillating clip fan undoubtedly meets this requirement. Just press the adjustable knob on the top of the clip fan to automatically oscillate it within a range of 80 degrees in the horizontal direction, and turn the knob on the side of the clip fan to set its angle within a range of 100 degrees in the vertical direction. Whether it's circulating air throughout the grow space or spot-reducing humidity, it's your best choice.

Mars Hydro clip on fan


Clip-on Design for Easy and Secure Installation 

Each oscillating clip fan is equipped with a unique clamp for easy, convenient, and effortless installation, and it fits poles with a size of 0.6-0.9 inches (16mm-22mm). And the inside material of the clamp is non-slip, which can help you firmly install the clip fan on poles, effectively avoid sliding and prevent scratching the surface of the poles. Different from the vertical fan, this clip fan can be flexibly installed anywhere in grow space due to the effects of its clamp.

Mars Hydro clip on fan


Two-Speed Adjustment Provide You with Different Powerful Airflow

One of the important factors to judge whether a clip fan is good or bad is to check its fan speed. Mars Hydro clip fan provides you with 2-speed adjustment - 1800RFM and 2100RFM, and the air volume is 300CFM and 315CFM respectively, providing strong airflow with two different speeds for your plants. At the same time, the clip-on fan is equipped with a high-efficiency EC copper motor, which generates low heat during operation and can ensure long-term working. What is even more surprising is that such powerful airflows are accompanied by low noise (The maximum noise output is only 40 decibels.), giving you a quiet enough experience.

Mars Hydro clip on fan


Detachable Mesh Grille for Convenient Cleaning

Each 6-inch clip fan is equipped with a detachable mesh grille front frame, the advantage of this design is that it is quite convenient for you to clean the inside of the fan regularly- You only need to detach the mesh grille front frame and remove it easily, then clean the internal fan blade to prevent excessive dust accumulation and prolong the lifespan of the clip fan.


Versatile Clip Fans That Applied to Various Scenarios

The clip oscillating fan can not only be used in some small grow spaces, such as grow tents, small greenhouses, etc., but is also suitable for kitchens, bedrooms, basements, offices, and other places that require air circulation. As you can see, it applies to various scenarios. There is no reason for you not to choose the most practical product at the most affordable price! 


Mars Hydro Oscillating clip fan - The Veritable Specialist in Indoor Ventilation

Growers should all pay special attention to maintaining air circulation in the grow space, and clip fans are an excellent tool for improving indoor airflow. Please don't let all your hard work and the days and nights spent taking care of your plants be wasted because of poor airflow in the grow space. Try to add the icing on the cake to your growth with the Mars Hydro 6-inch clip fan!