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MarsProII series:reflective cup for the best lighting performance

MarsProII series:reflective cup for the best lighting performance
By Sara hu 3 years ago 3123 Views 1 comment

Mars Pro II series:Reflective cup for the best lighting performance to get biggest yields.

It's important for any grower who is cultivating plants indoors to maximize on the power of their grow lights.

With proper reflection can get up to 30% more light to your cannabis plants! This is all without changing anything else about your

setup or extra electricity.

Mars-hydro Mars Pro II series lights install with reflective cup,without glass cover (which will reduce10-20% lights).The Reflective

cup will 100% collect the lights which emitted from the diodes,and the light will be 100%reflected back to the plants.It help with

reducing light and par value loss and providing better growing environment for plants. Helps fast growing of plants and improvement

on output,optimize the investment return of commercial plant growing.

Meanwhile,the heat will not accumulated inside of the light,it will run cooler.The life span of the light will be longer.

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robert 2 years ago at 9:50 PM
We just purchased 2 of the 128 crew pro .I will be reviewing them in about 2 months time .Stay tuned . But i must say lights kook very good and intense .