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Vote for Your Favorite Mars Hydro T-Shirt Design

Vote for Your Favorite Mars Hydro T-Shirt Design
By TINA TINA 8 months ago 7045 Views 71 comments

Please comment the T-shirt Design NO. below, and help us choose the best T-Shirt Design. :)

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Tod dulling 8 months ago at 8:10 PM
Robert Goldsmith 8 months ago at 8:12 PM
Massimo 8 months ago at 8:24 PM
kent manley 8 months ago at 8:28 PM
Darvin Cantrell 8 months ago at 8:35 PM
First pick is #2 , next choice would be #1 .
Zach 8 months ago at 8:54 PM
#2, #4, then #6. Favorite first
Thctalk.com rules 8 months ago at 10:18 PM
Number 2
Jojo 8 months ago at 10:22 PM
Macky THCtalk 8 months ago at 12:52 AM
Most hydro companies steer clear of anything to do with weed, as it illegal in many countries. We know what these lights are used for, but we just don't say it, having weed leaf of products isn't a good idea IMO. Also, its not very classy, you want to come across as a sophisticated company, not stoners ;)

that removes, 2,4,5,7,9.

Then copyright issues from numbers 2 and 6. 2 taken from the martian movie, and 6 taken from a casino slot machine.

Just thought I would explain my reasoning before voting :)

In order of favourite to least favourite: 1, 3 and 8
Paul 8 months ago at 10:15 AM
I bet your a right laugh on a night out
M e Chong 8 months ago at 1:12 AM
Number one looks great
Tuga Grower 8 months ago at 2:35 AM
Number 8
Joe 8 months ago at 3:35 AM
Number 1
Ck 8 months ago at 4:38 AM
Number 1
Marech 8 months ago at 4:50 AM
Number 1 and 3 are the best designs here
Will Potter 8 months ago at 5:12 AM
Amanda Kidd 8 months ago at 6:00 AM
I vote for number 7
Justin Owens 8 months ago at 6:13 AM
#2 Is by far the best one
Tuga Grower 8 months ago at 7:02 AM
Number 8
Mathieu maleau 8 months ago at 7:07 AM
Number 5 totaly made by hand and been giving alot of love just by seeing it :) not computer made like the other ones
Karim kille 8 months ago at 7:11 AM
I put my heart and soul into #5.
Marie 8 months ago at 7:29 AM
Original and creative
ally shep 8 months ago at 7:57 AM
number 7 is by far the best t shirt
Justyn 8 months ago at 8:32 AM
No. 6
Ironman 8 months ago at 1:32 PM
number 1
Alan 8 months ago at 2:03 PM
T shirt number 6
Rob Watson 8 months ago at 2:39 PM
Joker 8 months ago at 9:43 PM
Luca 8 months ago at 3:18 AM
2 is by far the best
Jin 8 months ago at 5:56 PM
#2 is my favorite!!!
PhobosAnomaly420mag 8 months ago at 6:56 PM
1,3,8 as mentioned above.
Teddy 8 months ago at 11:58 PM
Number 7 is the only one that means anything, very clever wording and colours.
Mupfel 8 months ago at 12:43 AM
#1, #2, #6
Mason 8 months ago at 1:07 AM
Number 1, 3 and 8 aswell
Steve 8 months ago at 1:31 AM
Number 1
John 8 months ago at 1:34 AM
Socks and Sandals 8 months ago at 1:39 AM
Number 7 by a mile. " The future is bright" just about says it all.
jokesansmokes 8 months ago at 1:44 AM
#1 looks awesome! :)
Ephraim stern 8 months ago at 2:30 AM
Steven Dodge 8 months ago at 2:35 AM
Number one
Sneedlewoods 8 months ago at 5:11 AM
Andy M 8 months ago at 8:59 AM
2 is professional
Tsul 8 months ago at 9:02 AM
I vote 2, it's definitely the best looking design
Hugoagogo 8 months ago at 9:06 AM
My favourite is #2
GavitaEater 8 months ago at 9:09 AM
Number 2 is best, I would wear that one
KD 8 months ago at 9:46 AM
#2 Winner
Rachel 8 months ago at 12:31 PM
#1 is awesome! Take my money! All good designs though! Loving the work put into number five, number one and five for me
John Doe 8 months ago at 2:10 PM
Number 1
Andy 8 months ago at 2:24 PM
No.1 for me, awesome design.

#1, #2, #3 in that order :)
robert 8 months ago at 7:38 PM
Really a no brainer here .Its got to be number 2 . Surely no one wants to walk around with a big pot leaf on there T -SHIRT do they ????!!!!!
Maffy 8 months ago at 3:51 AM
Love #2 easy best
KrAzYNo1 8 months ago at 4:13 AM
No. 4 or No 9. In That order. And i don't have a problem walking around with T-Shirts like that.
Kevin 8 months ago at 7:30 AM
I like #5, its the only homemade shirt. Its nice
Juul van smirren 8 months ago at 12:11 PM
Karim Kille 8 months ago at 12:14 PM
People keep saying #5 has a picture of a pot leaf... but it doesn’t.
Mrjimmy2017 8 months ago at 10:40 PM
Number 1 all day long :)
Hello Moto 8 months ago at 2:44 AM
Hello There,
I just feel like this competition is pretty dumb. I tried uploading a design I spent hours desiging an original piece and lost hours of sleep to make the deadline. I uploaded my images to the website before the deadline and messaged them on Instagram and tagged them on a photo about it not once was my design included or even looked at. Like why make rules if you are going to follow them yourself? My design is up on Insta @pb50125. Why am I not judged in the competition remotely even though I have followed everything correctly? I have a ticket reciept and stuff if you need that?
wsg 8 months ago at 4:22 AM
Number 2
russ kan 7 months ago at 6:00 PM
Amy 7 months ago at 5:21 AM
#2 looks the best
Packerdefudge 7 months ago at 5:25 AM
2 knocked it out the park
jipander 7 months ago at 4:58 PM
The number 1. got my eye right from the start. ++ for 1.
F.N. 7 months ago at 7:42 PM
Number 7
Kristof 7 months ago at 9:03 PM
Justin Bennion 6 months ago at 3:36 PM
F.N. 6 months ago at 5:40 AM
Ana 5 months ago at 9:33 PM
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Homie-NL 4 months ago at 3:50 AM
Number 7! Send me 1!!
Love Mars Hydro!!
Samuel 4 months ago at 7:39 PM
#6 the only one that doesn't relate to Marijuana Lol. You want a broad audience on your t shirt. Everyone uses your lights and a lot of us know what people use them for but don't wanna portray it so much. Good designs though! I do like the astronaut one though as well.
F.N. 4 months ago at 3:21 AM
Number 1
F.N. 4 months ago at 3:23 AM
I'm Canadian stick a big old pot leaf on there oh yea