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Happy International Labor Day

By Joy Qiao 3 months ago 1066 Views No comments

Happy International Labor Day

How to choose Mars Hydro lights

By Joy Qiao 5 months ago 2821 Views No comments

Many customers after entering our website, do not know what is the most suitable for their lights, So I hope you can find the most suitable lights after reading this article.

Black Friday Sales - Are You Ready?

By Tina Chou 9 months ago 5825 Views No comments

With Mars Hydro recommendation, do you have any idea that which item you may shop during Black Friday? Share and leave your comment here!

How to Install Grow Tent Properly

By Tina Chou 9 months ago 3562 Views No comments

How to set up mars hydro grow tent properly and let the new waffle pattern cloth help increasing your light efficiency.

Grow your own or buy from government?

By TINA Chou 9 months ago 2489 Views 1 comment

Canadian legalization comes with positive and negative returns.

Grow Legal Canada!

By Tina Chou 10 months ago 5030 Views No comments

For all Canadian growers, within this month, from the legalize date 17th Oct. to the end of this month 31st, Oct. We will give 10% discount for all the items except for Mars ECO, yoyo hangers, glasses; And the coupon code would be LegalCA.