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Black Friday Sales - Are You Ready?

By Tina Chou 2 months ago 4545 Views No comments

With Mars Hydro recommendation, do you have any idea that which item you may shop during Black Friday? Share and leave your comment here!

Grow your own or buy from government?

By TINA Chou 3 months ago 1545 Views 1 comment

Canadian legalization comes with positive and negative returns.

Multiple Ways to Increase Your Yields

By Tina Chou 5 months ago 6117 Views No comments

Multiple Ways to Increase your Yields

Useful article collected by marshydro official

As we all know, almost all indoor cannabis growers want bigger yields for less money, time and effort. So from this article collected on the MARS-HYDRO website you will get to know how to increase potency & quality of home-grown buds, as well as how to produce buds with a better taste & smell, We viewed many article that focus specifically on how to increase your indoor cannabis yields.