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Posts tagged 'Science In Growing Cannabis'

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What Are The Best Temperature & Humidity Levels For Growing Marijuana?

By Hazel December 28, 2021 3593 Views No comments

Some cannabis strains could survive in suboptimal environments, but they probably won’t thrive. If you want to grow fire indoor flowers, you have to take control of your climate. It’s crucial to monitor the relationship between temperature and humidity as your cannabis plant matures.

How Much CO2 Is Good For Cannabis —Cultivate Crazy Colas With CO2

By Hazel November 30, 2021 7770 Views No comments

Growing the best cannabis buds is a balancing act that cultivators must constantly monitor multiple grow space specs. Today we're going to discuss the function of carbon dioxide and how much we should use co2 in cannabis growing.

What's The Right PPFD For Weed Grow?

By Hazel September 8, 2021 31993 Views 3 comments
How much do you need for your cannabis plants? PPFD in seedling, vegetative, and flower stages? What about if my cannabis is running in a CO2 system? How much PPFD do my plants need with supplemental CO2? Let's find it in this blog.

PPE vs. PPFD: Which One Tells You The Performance of an LED Grow Light?

By Hazel September 5, 2021 3394 Views No comments
PPE and PPFD, what are they measuring on LEDgrow lights? Which is the best evaluation standard for picking an LED grow light? Continue reading the blog to know their meaning and how to use them when buying a LED.

HPS vs. LED Grow Lights — Which is Better for Growing Weed?

By Hazel Stella August 30, 2021 6337 Views 2 comments

The differences between HPS and LED are compared in terms of spectrum, duration of use, temperature and direction of refraction. It shows why LEDs are better than HPS.

Does Ultraviolet and Infrared Light Matter When Growing Cannabis?

By Mars Hydro Hazel, THC Confidential July 28, 2021 12961 Views 2 comments

How can UV and IR be used to bring benefits to my plants' growth? What is the role of UV and IR in cannabis growth? What are the principles? Let's learn together in this blog.