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Posts tagged 'Supplemental CO2 System'

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How Much CO2 Is Good For Cannabis —Cultivate Crazy Colas With CO2

By Hazel November 30, 2021 7898 Views No comments

Growing the best cannabis buds is a balancing act that cultivators must constantly monitor multiple grow space specs. Today we're going to discuss the function of carbon dioxide and how much we should use co2 in cannabis growing.

What's The Right PPFD For Weed Grow?

By Hazel September 8, 2021 33217 Views 3 comments
How much do you need for your cannabis plants? PPFD in seedling, vegetative, and flower stages? What about if my cannabis is running in a CO2 system? How much PPFD do my plants need with supplemental CO2? Let's find it in this blog.