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The White led grow light in the market

The White led grow light in the market
By SEAN SEAN 5 months ago 2211 Views No comments

In recent years, white LEDs have been increasingly used to replace conventional lighting sources including fluorescent lights. The main reasons for replacing existing light sources is better luminous efficiency and cost considerations. The main white led grow lights as we know in the market is from the pioneer Fluence LED, the followers Nextlight, Quantum Board,OPTIC LED, and the new Beginner MarsSp.

1. Fluence designed to provide high levels of photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) ideal for commercial cultivation and research applications from microgreens to cannabis.In a early time they hold concept and try to make the white led with their unique vision, it proved to be successful as we see today. The fluence white led by its easy installation,high light intensity and Dimmer control over PPFD,considering to be the ideal light equipment for greenhouse supplemental lighting or indoor sole-source lighting.

2. NextLight Commercial Series matches and extends powerful white light that’s proven to grow. Designed & manufactured in the United States with domestic and imported parts.The NextLight Mega LED Grow Light will grow from seed to flower with half the energy and 75% less heat than a DE 1000W HPS,Full-Spectrum (3000k and 5000K) White Diodes & Daisy-chainable. It Tested and Proven to be the Most Efficient full spectrum for commercial growers.

3. Quantum Board is High-efficiency custom-designed white light with Samsung diodes.3000K or 4000K white-light full spectrum for optimal canopy penetration and easy viewing.Its Highly efficient Full Spectrum White light is to be happy medium in growing. it uses Meanwell Drivers. While the quantum boards are fragile (bare board), it has no cover for the led boards that seems not be safe in using,it also has no dim-able turn dial to adjust the spectrum, and repair this light seems need to replace the entire board.

4. Optic LED which is called the White,Natural & Big full spectrum led grow light,USA Made CREE COBs leading the way in the full spectrum white light technology. The light uses Glass Projection Lense increases PAR output and canopy penetration by up to 200%, it also added UV to make high potency. Optic LED's Spectrum is perfectly matches the McCree's action spectrum and also enhances blue peaks(630nm) and red(660nm), this spectrum has been proven the best spectrum for a grow light.

5. MarsSp series is new White Spectrum LED Grow Light Series from MarsHydro, it with no fan design to offer a quiet work environment, added weanwell driver, the IP65 waterproofed make light more durable in using, Highest PPFD to provide plants the ideal light intensity, SP can Saving at least 30% Energy! The perfect spectrum,flexible installation, and trusted quality, it should be BEST Option for Commercial Growers! and its price is the lowest compare to other white LED.

In general, those lights above can meet your homegrown and commercical projects growing needs with High Intensity, High Efficiency & Higher Yields. But from allof them MarsSp series is to be more price/ efficiency light for your option, its price is half less than other white LED,but it works as same great as other LED.