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TS-2000 meet the needs of different customers

TS-2000 meet the needs of different customers
By Joy Qiao 1 years ago 13776 Views No comments

Three months ago we released our second white led -- TS-1000, In the first three months, the sales of this light are very hot, our new inventory is basically sold out as soon as we arrive at the warehouse. If you are not familiar with TS-1000, I will introduce it to you.

- White Color with Full Spectrum Plants Needed.
- New SMD Chips, Higher output, Longer lifespan

- Reflective Cup Design, Lights More Balanced and Even. Better Coverage.
- Saving Up to 50% Energy VS Other LED.
- High Light Efficiency Around 2.3 umol/j

- Average Growing Result as 1.5g/w
- No Noise, Quiet Even in Bedroom.
- Dimming Function Available.
- Affordable Price for Beginners.

Now the TS series has two new models -- TSL-2000 and TSW-2000, compare to TS-1000, they are more bigger, can meet the needs of more growers.

Bigger Wattage: TS-1000 is 150w, TS-2000 is 307w.

Bigger Coverage: TS-1000 is 3’x3’, TSL-2000 is 3’x6’, TSW-2000 is 4’x4’

The growers can choose the most suitable light according to his own growing size and needs.

Recommend grow kits:

TSL-2000 + 2’X4’ tent

2 X TSL-2000 + 5’X5’ tent

TSW-2000 + 4’X4’ tent

2 x TSW -2000 + 4’x8’ tent

4 x TSW - 2000 + 8’X8’ tent