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Mars Pro II Epistar 80 with U-connector function

Mars Pro II Epistar 80 with U-connector function
By Sara hu 3 years ago 6129 Views No comments

We published Mars Pro II Epistar 80 LED Grow Light based on Mars Pro II series lights,with flexible U-connector to connect multiple lights together.

With this U-connector,you can install the lights according to your growing space:

when you need to enlarge your growing room,you do not need to worry about which light you should get.You can buy another 2 or 3 pcs Mars Pro II Epistar80 and connect them together as one light:square coverage ? rectangle coverage? You can install according to your growing space.Also you can hang them seperately in your growing room,they will cover every corner niecly.

Or when you need to seperate your growing room into two smaller space,this light enable you to do that.You do not need to buy extra light,just take off the U-connector,then they will be single panel as you needed.

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