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What a ideal lamp for your Summer days growing!

What a ideal lamp for your Summer days growing!
By SEAN SEAN 1 years ago 3614 Views No comments

Time flies, summer comes so silently. Do you feel the smell of summer?

Summer, you see the outdoor plants was dancing in the breeze? And its flower and leaves in the sun, its buds face to the pure sky. they’re growing ease with the rain and dew care, of course they are harvested naturally. While,not everyone can grow medical plants outdoor due to some reasons such as it might be not legal to grow in some place.

So, think most of you may grow indoors, you request seller ship every grow equipment especially the led grow lamp discreetly to you, since you never hope the police ask for trouble and also don’t hope bother others. Yes that’s the importance that growers always considered especially in that non-legal areas . So you hope use the grow lamp without any noisy and it’s better no fan design on the lamp? But if no fan how to dissipate the heat? that’s a question, then you hope the light come with no fan but it has low heat and have a good dissipation. Oh, if it can be waterproofed that would be perfect, as sometimes you don’t know why there some water drop kiss your lovely lamp, if it make your lamp damage that would be really a pity.

You hope find one high efficiency grow lamp which has following features: IP65, waterproof,no noise, low heat, Meanwell driver,High penetration,perfect spectrum, energy saving & good yield,etc,Do you?

So here is really your want. ----the Mars CREE COB,with CREE CXB 3590 chip and Osram chip, Brighter, Cooler, Higher PPFD.

Oh wow, such many features on this cob lamp, it should be very expensive? you will think you may not afford it? Actually it not so expensive as you imagined. You can check online marshydro and use coupon code ''COB'' we offer 20% off now, really a big deal.

Happy summer growing!

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