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What size grow tent for 4 plants?

What size grow tent for 4 plants?
By Hazel December 30, 2021 3437 Views No comments

As more states legalize weed growing and cannabis products price rise, more people start to join the cannabis community. The first thing to know is that cannabis is in strict need of the environment. Apparently, it’s hard to manage in living houses. As a result, grow tents come in as excellent solutions.

The only question is, what size grow tent do I need in my case?

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How Much Space Does One Weed Need?

No matter how many plants you want to grow, or how much space you have available for them, you need to know how much area one weed needs as the first step for your indoor gardening. In general, how big cannabis can grow depends on many factors, such as training, root system... So the weed plants here are mature cannabis without training(or with simple training), grown in 3 or 5 gallon grow bags (the most widely used grow bag sizes).

A 3 or 5 gallon grow bag is 27 or 32 cm in diameter. An adult plant will be larger than the grow bag, about 16-17 cm larger. Therefore, an adult plant typically requires a flat space diameter of 43-49 cm (1.4-1.6 ft). In addition, you will need space for some equipment such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, fans ... So, all things considered, 2x2 feet is the space needed for a weed to grow to adulthood.


What Size Grow Tent In My Case?

After knowing how much space an adult plant needs, you can very easily figure out how much space you need for your cultivation. The sizes of the common grow tents on the market are also based on this algorithm.

We Mars Hydro indoor grow tents provide the following sizes: 2x2ft, 2.3x2.3ft, 2x4ft, 3x3ft, 4x4ft, 5x5ft, 4x8ft, 8x8ft...Can you figure out how many plants they can contain? Here is a picture to explain to you how large an area is needed for 2,4,8 plants.


How High Should My Grow Tent Be?

In addition to the horizontal space, the vertical space - height is an important role as well.

First, you need to take into account the distance between the light and the top - space for other equipment such as inline fans, carbon filters, ducting, etc. - one foot should be sufficient. The distance between the light and the plant canopy - depends largely on what grow lights you are using, and the vendor's recommended hanging height - we recommend you leave 8-24 inches. That's a total of 2-3 feet.

Then there's your weed plant. Cannabis can grow up to 13 feet tall in nature, but in a typical indoor grow, it's best to keep them under 1 meter (3.2 feet) with training.

In conclusion, you need a tent that is 5.2-6.2 ft. (158-189 cm)

The common 200 cm high grow tent on the market can perfectly meet your needs. And when you use some training techniques such as hitting the top or bending over ...... A 180 cm high tent is also just right. Of course, if your weed plant is a dwarf species, a 160 cm tent is also enough.


What Size Grow Tent For 4 Plants?

Finally, we have the conclusion, a 4x4x6.5ft (120x120x200cm) grow tent is the best choice for 4 weed plants.

In this way, we can know what sizes of grow tents are needed for different numbers of plants. Likewise, it is possible to speculate how many weed plants can be planted in common grow tents on the market.


Are There Any Exceptions?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the results of this calculation are based on weed plants planted in 3 or 5 gallon grow bags with only simple training.

If you grow the plant in an 80 gallon grow bag, the root system will be much bigger and so will your cannabis be - much bigger and taller.

If you use the training method - SOG (grows many small cannabis plants at once). For example, if grow 20 plants in 1 square meter space, then one plant will need only 0.05m2, (0.75x0.75ft approximately)

Well, some may ask, “Will it affect if I grow autoflowers?” The auto is no different from the common plant, except that some varieties may be shorter, so it does not prevent you from buying the common grow tents.

After knowing the size of grow tents in your case, it's time to pick up a quality grow tent. Check out Mars Hydro Indoor Grow Tents to start a happy shopping tour!

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