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Why FC-E series are not Samsung chips?

Why FC-E series are not Samsung chips?
By Hazel May 14, 2021 7560 Views 1 comment

Mars Hydro SP series and FC series use Samsung chips which are well-received. So it’s shocking to know that Mars Hydro stops using Samsung chips in their new featured product - FC-E series grow lights. Wanna know why?

Initially we considered using other brands because Samsung wasn’t able to provide enough chips last year and we had to find alternatives. After searching and testing a sea of LEDs, it’s a big surprise to see a comparable chip brand emerges - BridgeLux, an American brand.

According to our professional test data, the maximum brightness of Bridgelux chip can reach the same level as Samsung's, and with a lower price! This is to say, Mars Hydro is now able to provide budget growers with an LED grow light that has equivalent efficiency to lights using Samsung, and with lower cost! Isn’t it fantastic?

Consequently, Mars Hydro FC-E series released!

FC-E grow lights adopt a new removable bar design, which is very flexible to adjust the bar position according to your plants' space and arrangement, making the light fully utilized on the plants without waste.

In addition, FC-E has a more uniform distribution, PPE is up to 2.7μmol/j, ensuring that the whole plants can grow evenly and produce the same good bud on the edges.

In a word, FC-E series is recommended to beginners or limited budget growers who also require for premium result.

Meanwhile, Samsung also has its unique advantages, well-known and high efficiency. If you prefer Samsung chips and have enough budget, welcome to choose our FC or SP series.

Any feedback, please leave your comments, thank you.
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Larry July 20, 2021 at 10:58 PM
If your Light produces as well without the Samsung chips and its cheaper to make the lights then knock off 40% for me because I wasted alot of mo ey on your first Led lights due to extreme overheating and I'm expected to just let that happen.I cannot prove it now its been years since I switched but I'm not paying for it again as I have a couple other companies send me lights now to test.