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Why not entry Mars Hydro Black Friday giveaway and Sales in 2020?

Why not entry Mars Hydro Black Friday giveaway and Sales in 2020?
By Mr.MH420 November 9, 2020 14329 Views 4 comments

What’s up growers! Thanks for stopping by this blog, here you’ll know Mars Hydro company doing their best efforts for the 2020 Black Friday to help our real growers.

As we all know, suffering from the COVID-19 in 2020,the world's economy and life are facing some big difficulties but the challenges still. In this special period, especially last few months, we know some companies and stores were closed, people been told stay at home to be prevent from the epidemic. That meant most people would have no work and fixed income for some time even thought it just a temporary time, that’s unacceptable to most people.

Luckily, our growers can grow indoor with grow lights equipment, grow their own Crops to earn food and income for daily life, that's not too bad. While there are still many growers without enough fund to support a led grow light. So that's why we do Black Friday giveaway and sales to help growers. We will offer some free led grow lights to those growers needed, and also provide the discounts for saving their earning money to buy lights. We hope our limited efforts can change some growers' situation and help them through the difficulties. World peace and love!

Let's check out more about the giveaway and sales.

Mars Hydro Black Friday Giveaway

This time Mars Hydro Black Friday giveaway starts from Nov.10-30th on Instagram first, then other pages follow later. Everyone of you have chance to win mars led grow light TS600,TS1000, TS2000, TS3000, SP3000 or grow kits. Plus, people also have chance to get coupon for Black Friday Sales, if you not win any giveaway, so the coupon will be your best gift. For more details, just check our official pages and follow the rules then:

Official Page

Start time

Check link to Enter




Coming soon


Coming soon


Coming soon


Coming soon

Wish Everyone good luck!

Mars Hydro Black Friday Sales

To thanks for Mars Hydro growers’ love and support, this time our sales will be open from Nov.27-30th (US NY time)

Wish you all happy shopping on Mars Hydro official site during this 3 days. Any question or need, pls email us or contact our sales rep.

Want to know what led grow lights or grow kits are on deal? Stay tuned!

Hope all growers stay safe and healthy, and believe the we can beat the epidemic in end. Thanks again and dont miss the chance to entryMars Hydro Black Friday giveaway and sales .

Best wishes to all !

Kevin Montoya November 23, 2020 at 2:11 PM
Id like to be entered in contest thank you. I purchased some items recently from Mars Hydro and look forward to using the product
Zachary S December 20, 2020 at 9:24 PM
Hoping to be entered in contest as well. What a great way to start the new year, new Mars Hydro equipment...!!!
Orban Jozsef June 30, 2021 at 1:54 PM
Magyarországon sajnos nincs igazán jó felület,blog,ahol lehetne a témában beszélgetni,tapasztalatot cserélni.Ezert mostanában akarok magyarul is egy blogot vagy a Facebookon egy csoportot csinálni.Azt hiszem hogy a Mars hidro a legjobb a piacon ezért szeretném lecserélni a régi lámpákat és csak Mars cuccokat használni.Ez jo alkalomnak ígérkezik.
Henry Shuman September 11, 2021 at 10:41 AM
Hello i have been an hps/mld grower for years until my space got considerably smaller to grow, I've been very interested in trying to grow with leds but don't know much about them and I am not in a position to just go buy new stuff!!!! But that's not what I really want to talk about what want to say is thank mars for a the information from the blogs and bloggers!!!! All of the tips and information that ive read on this intier website has given me a completely new perspective on leds and more so now than ever I really want to try them!!! Im going to truly try to save enough to purchase some lights, it's just hard bc my family and I live in a hotel and all your money goes to paying rent weekly thats 350.00!!! Plus all the other bills that are important in life,having a hard time making the money for a set bc there's more important things to take care of first, like my two boys that are 9 and 11(coincidentally thats today's date, rip to those lost) ,all in all thanks for such a awesome website and sorry for the long comment. Thanks again!!!!