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Why SP series is the perfect substitute for HPS

Why SP series is the perfect substitute for HPS
By TINA TINA 1 years ago 5363 Views No comments

When LED grow lights entered the market, there were always some grower who said that LED was not a good substitute for HPS. But now, we're bringing a new product, SP Series, whose many advantages are destined to be the perfect replacement for HPS. Our SP Series has the following advantages:

*The biggest difference from previous LED is that it is closer to natural light, but better suited to plant growth. And at the same time it can protect the eyes, don’t need to wear glasses.

*It is important to note that when the SP series provides wattage equal to HPS, it saves at least 30% power than HPS. This will save the cost of grower. For example, traditional LED grow lights require 30~50w/sft, but this lamp only needs 21~35w/sft to meet plant growth needs.

*It has IP65 grade waterproofing which means that wet air during planting or accidentally spattered water and nutrients will have no impact on its work.

*Because the shape is striped, it is easy to layout and place according to the area planted. According to your planting area, I would recommend that 3x3 put 2 pcs SP150; 2x4 put 1 pcs SP200; 4x4 put 2 pcs or 3 pcs SP200.

*Last but not least is that compared to other HPS, or DIY lamps, it eliminates all kinds of assembly problems.

There are so many advantages of SP series,isn't that good enough for you to choose the SP series instead of the HPS? The SP series will be soon arrived at our global warehouses, but not many, so please seize the opportunity and time to preorder or buy it!

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