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Will You Choose TS-1000 To Substitute For Traditonal LED Or HPS

Will You Choose TS-1000 To Substitute For Traditonal LED Or HPS
By TINA TINA 6 months ago 2795 Views No comments

When growers join the indoor growing army, they may get confused on which light to choose, LED or HPS? This month, we're bringing a new product, TS-1000, whose many advantages are destined to be the perfect replacement for both traditional LED & HPS. Our TS-1000 has the following advantages:

*The biggest difference from traditional LED is that it produced white light, much close to natural lights. It can help the plant growing better. Meanwhile, it can protect your eyes, you don’t need to wear eye protection glasses.

*It is important to note that when TS-1000 provides wattage equal to HPS, it saves at least 50% power than HPS. This will save the cost for all users. For example, traditional LED grow lights need to provide 30~50w for each square feet, but this light only need to produce 15~25w for each square feet which can meet plant growth needs.

*It is no fans design, its aluminum cover can cool down the heat. And the reflector design can mix the light very well, makes sure your plant can receive all the light they need.

*The shape of TS-1000 is square, it can suit for a 3x3 area very well.

*Last but not least, compared to traditional LED grow light, it has dimming function. You can adjust the draw power of the light on your own!

There are so many advantages of TS-1000, isn't that good enough for you to choose the TS-1000 instead of traditional LED/HPS grow light? The TS-1000 will be soon arrived at our global warehouses, but not many, so please seize the opportunity and time to pre-order or buy it!

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