Mars II 400 Full Spectrum Grow Led Light - Mars Hydro

Mars II 400 Full Spectrum Grow Led Light - Mars Hydro

  • Actual Power: 150W+/-5%@100--277V

  • Coverage: Veg: 3' x 3' (90x90cm); Bloom: 2.5' x2.5' (75x75cm)

  • Compared to HPS/MH/HID: 200W

  • Average Yields: 1g/W

  • Use Coupon "Mhblurple" to save 20% when check out. 
    Only available in Australia, other countries, if any order in, we won't ship. Please kindly check other options like TS 1000. 


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A++++++ Review by Tom / (Posted on 11/1/2016)
Great company, Great product. Great Price
A+ Review by Timmy R / (Posted on 11/1/2016)
fast shipping and very nice lights. very happy!!
A Review by Mark F / (Posted on 11/1/2016)
Fast shipper, quick response to questions. Lights are working well so far.
5star Review by Brent F / (Posted on 11/1/2016)
Shipped fast and as described - Good seller
5star Review by Frank B / (Posted on 11/1/2016)
Got it early works great. Would order again
5star Review by Dave / (Posted on 11/1/2016)
Super fast shipping, great followup, dependable for quality
Don't stop making mars II 400 Review by Wonderboy / (Posted on 10/21/2016)
PERFECT FOR WHAT I GOT! They are perfect for 2x2x2.5 ggt! (I hope it's alright If I say that) easy to use case fans with tubberware & mesh screening for homeaide odor nuetralizer ( a "cf" u no)that in my idea is perfect for 3' ONES; sog; 6-9 indica flowers. Suprised me! thought i found a pearl! I would NOT STOP MARSII 400 AT LEAST FOR THE ONE like me. It's all I need to be successful. Just telling u. The da wants to surround me with concrete for one year, I think I'm gonna accept plea bargain for small amount.possession green? Yes! And giving rides but , all gravy; when I GET OUT IM GONNA NEED ANOTHER A FEW MORE AND GET ANOTHER 2x2x2.5 ggt! Pray and hope they will still have them available. Well done manufacturer of the one I bought. I understand trying to match the big star (sun) if you are but I see losing the mars II 400 for 2x2x2.5 ggt the same as losing my business. My #1-4-$. If they quit making this one looks like I will have to find someone else with same genetics as the mars II 400 0R BUILD MY OWN. Anyways, bummer, I got time to think about since I'm taking one years "behind no alcohol bars" maybe it will be like John the Baptist, or one of the Paul's, or the one grater than even these. Heavenly job to keep at least this particular one for what I got! But I do need another one year from now. My He! Will give me another when I walk out then in my whites! Thank you MARS-HYDRO! Reconsider for me or save me three more one year from NOW!

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Product Questions

When will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped within 24 business hours after we receive your cleared payment. Local stock in US/Canada/Europe/UK/AU. The delivery will take about 2-7 working days and no custom tax is needed if shipped locally.

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Hello,Do you still have to use a timer on these lights I have a mars II 400w with the two toggle switches coming. or are they on 24/7? Just curious if I still have to purchase a timers too.

If you want to control the automatic light switch, I suggest you add a timer

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Is this the 2018 Upgraded SMD chipped version, qre all Mars 2 400w now equipped with the upgrades? Which of the chips have been replaced with smd, some or all?What are the differences between the chips?Thanks

All MarsII series led use new SMD chips, this chip has no lens out of leds, and its electrical current is also more stable 

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Can I buy and use a dimmer switch with this light? If so is there a recommended one?

Mars II 400 cannot be dimmable but it has veg and bloom switch. 

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when its time to turn on the Bloom light switch do you keep the veg lights on too ? So that all the lights are on at the same time ?

Generally, the bloom switch should be turned on after 6 weeks vegging.

During flower stage, both switches should be turned on. 

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how much plant is recommended for this one lamp?

Hi Sir,

Thank you for your message and concern. The quantity of plants bases on its size.If it is in seeding, you could put 2-3 plants under the Mars II 400.If it is a larger one, you could put only 1 plant under the light. Hope this is helpful. 

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Do you offer warranty on the light?

Yes, we offer warranty on each light of Mars Hydro. If there is any problem about the light, email Mars Hydro service timely and we will help you as soon. or

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Do you know the ETA when the light will be delivered after I place order online?

Yes, we do. As usual, package will be delivered within 2-5 business days in USA or CA, and 3-6 business days in UK or EU. Besides, Mars Hydro service will email you tracking number and link. Also we will track the package timely and email you to pick up the package after it is delivered.

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Can I order some spare replacement parts when I order the light? If can, where should I order them?

Yes, you can buy some spare replacement parts if you would like. But you can not order online directly. You should contact us online or email Mars Hydro service. We will help you.

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Are there any other items together with the light? such as powercord, cables and so on.

Yes, there are. We pack the light together with powercord, cables, manul, and after-sales warranty.

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