Mars Hydro TSL 2000 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum 300W 2ftx4ft 3ftx5ft coverage

Mars Hydro TSL 2000 LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum 300W 2ftx4ft 3ftx5ft coverage
●【Increase Yield&Crop Quality in LED grow】Newest SMD LED technology provides the highest PAR/LUMEN output([email protected]"), making you get 30% higher yield than old led lights, max yield at 2.5g/watt.

●【High Efficiency Energy Saving Plant Light】only 300 watts true output with 684 PCS LEDs, more scientifically and energy-efficient! Perfect for 3' x 5' (90x150cm) Veg stage, 2' x 4' (60x120cm) Bloom stage, higher intensity in a MARS HYDRO grow tent

●【Sunlike Full Spectrum LED Grow Light】infinite close to natural sunlight, suit for all plants whole stages indoor growing, rapid plant response from seed to flower, achieve maximum quality and quantity, much better than traditional HPS grow systems

●【High Reflective&Noise Free-Fanless Quantum Light Boards design】quickly heat dispersing material aluminum reducing light lost to aisles and walls, increase the light intensity up to 20%, allowing your plants receive more energy and without burning plants for maximum headroom

●【Commercial LED Grow Light】It can work on both 120VAC and 240VAC and 277VAC, also suit for Large Rooms and Commercial Setups; Dimmer on the power supply easily adjust brightness by yourself

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Soooo bright!!! Review by Jay / (Posted on 8/11/2020)
Product arrived in 2 days. This LED light is super bright don’t look directly at it
Great Quantum Board LED Light - Seems Better than Standard LEDs Review by E.A / (Posted on 8/11/2020)
I have had this light for about two weeks now. The light appears well made and comes with the normal hardware for hanging plus a timer and temp/humidity sensor. I would have preferred those to be an option since I have them already and suspect most growers do as well. For first time growers it's a nice package deal.

I have six 3-4 week old plants under it at about 18" and four under a 1500 watt LED and there is a noticeable difference in growth on the plants under the Mars Hydro. I recently purchased a PAR meter and my measurements show an average 20-30% PPFD increase over what I was getting with two 1500 watt LEDs over the same plants at a reduction of close to 150 watts power consumptipon. And the overall coverage is better too. It also generates much less heat than the other LED lights and the silent operation is nice too although the noise was not really an issue for me, but not having fans that can break is a plus. I am considering purchasing another one, but might wait to see how this grow turns out. I am curious to see how well it does in the flowering phase.

It is a very energy efficient light over traditional LEDs producing more light for less wattage, which I verified with a new watt meter I recently purchased. However, that is not the reason I purchased this light. That said, I have seen some reviews that suggest the standard two and three chip LEDs are still superior overall to Quantum Board LEDs and if energy saving is not a concern, they are still the way to go. The numbers don't show that to be the case based on my measurements and results so far, so I guess I will know if this is correct about three months from now.

It came pretty well packaged in a sturdy box with some wood to provide added support. I did have an issue with one of the drivers not dimming properly and contacted support. They were very responsive and are shipping me a new driver, although I have to wait a month as they are currently out of stock, but they did give me a $10 discount for the inconvenience, which was cool.

My initial impression is these lights are better in many ways to standard LEDs and are a very affordable alternative. I am guessing Quantum Board LEDs will likely replace standard LEDs over time. I will know more in a few months and may update this review. If all goes well I will be transitioning to all Quantum Board LEDs. Just not sure yet if they will all be Mars Hydro lights.

For now, I can recommend the Mars Hydro TSL series lights without hesitation. Good choice for a first time grower too since you get a lot of bang for your buck.

Update Jan 27th
Just completed my grow with two of the Mars Hydro lights. Very impressive growth with the new lights. So much so it caught me off guard how much the plants stretched when the light cycle was moved to 12/12. I was not prepared and could have done a lot more bending. I ended up with some light burn trying to get the light at the optimum height. Also, I had two plants under one of these lights and it was just too much light for one plant making it difficult to take advantage of the light output. The next grow I will be using the light with one plant and do a better job mainlining to get more yield from the light. That said, the yield I did get was pretty amazing. Very dense and frosty buds for sure. So some lessons learned.

My plan now is two purchase two more of the TSW2000 model which will work better in one area of my room over one plant. That will give me a total of four Mars Hydro lights eliminating all of the standard LEDs I have, yet consuming a lot less power. About 1200 watts versus in excess of 2000w with the Mars Hydro's and standard LEDs. I am pretty jacked about the next grow and can say for sure these lights are worth the money - they will pay for themselves over time compared to standard LEDs and that is fact based on real data.

Highly recommended - you will not be disappointed with the purchase of these lights.
Great light Review by Mike / (Posted on 8/11/2020)
great working light, plants are loving it, would definitely purchase again
Major light output with minimal heat at an affordable cost! Review by #THATGUYNATE / (Posted on 7/31/2020)
Mars Hydros lights are working exceptionally well for my garden and I! I love the fact that you can tell how well the plants thrive under their light compared to flourescents I have used. I am also very pleased with the design of the light as it is very efficient in the light output and area light saturation. The suggestion for using a fan works perfectly as it keeps the lights very cool. 
    I love the capability to dim the lights to the intensity you want as well. This dimming option allows your light to be the right intensity in all stages of growing and is an exceptional option to have! The ability to dim was one of the buying points, which brings me to how much I enjoy the "daisy-chaining" capability! It's nice to know your lights are all set equally the same. I was actually so pleased with the exceptional quality and design, that I talked myself into purchasing another model,  the TSL-2000. I can literally say that, I've never seen anything more magnificent! As before mentioned,  I love the "daisy- chaining" functionality!
      In conclusion,  I would greatly recommend your products and I guarantee that I'll stay a returning customer! I enjoy both the TS-1000 and the TSL-2000 that your company has created, as do my plants! They both carry efficiency on not only cost but light output as well! I also greatly appreciate the suggestions on hanging distance, cal-mag supplementation and climate information. I only hope to one day enjoy the experience of your more expensive models for helping create the beauty of life that we know as plants!
There's a BIG difference between just growing plants and growing plants with something seemingly extraordinarily from out of this world!

My Ak47 strain flourished cause of TSL2000W Review by Cyko Coot / (Posted on 5/14/2020)
Really impressed with my first turnout on my garden. These lights did their job and then some. Great yield, lights didnt get too hot fer the tent, couldn't ask fer anything better.
Best value for money and great results. Review by [email protected] / (Posted on 4/4/2020)
I definitely recommend the ts series and marshydro in its entirety. I own the tsl-2000 as well as the ts-1000 models, and the results have been great. Newer Full Spectrum lamps are especially awesome. Hps bulbs are last winter snow.
The two credit names in the LED market are marshydro as well as easygrow Led plank lamps, but the price-quality is better in my "opinion" at Marshydro. The results do not differ between these LedS.(from cuttings under the same conditions)
Highly recommend this light Review by Don / (Posted on 2/10/2020)
I purchased one of these a few months ago and I am very satisfied with this light, it's very bright and plants were doing so well, I purchased another one just this week. Highly recommend this light.
Nice light Review by Alex / (Posted on 1/16/2020)
I made an account here to buy another one. I already have one and so far so good with this light and I want another tsl2000. It seems from the diagram that the spectrum it's a little bit more(higher) at the red wavelenght in comparison with the others tsw series
Impressed Review by Nick / (Posted on 12/27/2019)
I'm really impressed with my TSL-2000. The 40 inch length is great for spreading the light across my whole 2x4 tent. You can read my full experience here:
Very solid light at the right price Review by Some guy / (Posted on 12/25/2019)
Bought 2 of the TSl2000 and I like the configuration of this light.40"×11" is perfect for 2x4 tent or two of them for a 4x4.The dimming feature and location is great but would prefer it to have a knob for easier access. Shorter wire hangers would be better especially for the tsw.After using hps for too long I'm excited to reap the benefits by decreased utilities.
I'm buying more so I can have 3 on a 4x4 table so I can lower and dim to get the best footprint.Also ordered mine on amazon and delivery was scheduled on Fri december 27th but arrived on Tues December 24th,thanks for making my holiday mars hydro and look forward to bountiful harvests.
great light! Review by happy grower / (Posted on 12/11/2019)
Awesome light well worth the money!
Will bye again Review by jack / (Posted on 8/16/2019)
Vary impressive light. Good construction. No issues with shipping. The plants seem to be responding to the light vary well. They have been under the new lights for 4 days
Just As Expected! Review by Fish tank / (Posted on 8/16/2019)
Not much to say for this item, other than it was exactly what was expected, arrived on time, and will work well for mounting the Grow Light! Thanks Mars Aqua! Also a great price!
Great light. Full spectrum is where it's at. Review by JM / (Posted on 8/16/2019)
This light is awesome. Fits a 4x2 tent great evenly spreads light. Par levels are high keep it 12-18in high.
Also like how you can dim lights down.
Style I was looking for Review by Druse / (Posted on 8/16/2019)
Product was packing seemed well but both short sides had a little dent I assume just how it is from forming the reflector so I've ignored that, i added this light mid flower in the end I recieved a very good yield that was very dense and completely crystallized, looking forward to a full round with this light and definitely considering a 2nd
Light is perfect for two plants Review by Charms / (Posted on 8/16/2019)
Would have given 5 stars. Super bright and awesome spread coverage. Perfect for two plants. The downside. After about one week of use with provided timer. Only one side of the board would cut off completely during sleep cycle. The second half of the board would not turn completely off, but instead, appear as if it was in a dimmed mode. in order to get the second board to turn off completely, I had to unplug the light from the timer completely. Which does a disservice to plants that are in flowering stage. I currently have a replacement being mailed to me. The third photo shows the board that would not completely turn off during sleep mode. FYI, I am aware there is no off and on switch. all issues encountered are with use of a timer. i Wish i could have given this experience 5 stars. Tsl 2000
This fixture pulls 300 watts. just another fyi for those who may mistake it for a 2000 watt light.

Updated to 5 stars. Nothing was wrong with the light. Changed the timer to different one. Light works great. Currently have two plants doing great under this light.

Product Questions


The driver on the TS 1000 and TS 2000 are using the Chinese brand, UL listed customized driver. It is also high quality ensured, and dimmable function available. :) 

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What about buyers from other countries?

For other countries when items ship from China, buyer needs to pay possible duty fee.
And if it is pre-order,we will contact you to pay for the rest shipping cost needed.

Rate the answer?
What is included in the package when purchased?

You will get: light+power cord + steel hangers + rachet hangers + instruction and warranty manuel 

Rate the answer?
What is the minimum distance between the light and the ceiling of the growing chamber. Note: The ceiling is made of plywood and the cultivation chamber is 2x4 ...Thank you!

You just need check the light distance from plants. It does not matter about the light distance from ceiling 

Rate the answer?
what is the warranty on these items? are there repair centers within the continental US?

we offer 3 yrs warranty , thanks and we have service center in usa can help.

Rate the answer?
Is this light CSA and/or UL approved for use in Canada?

All of Mars Hydro products are ETL certificated in USA and Canada, plus over 90% of the material are UL listed, ETL is the same standard as UL, please feel free to order. :) 

Rate the answer?
How can I adjust the wattage?

Here is a reference video instruction to help you, please check: 

Rate the answer?
What is the recommended hanging height and hanging hours?

During seedling: 18/6 or 20/4; above 30'' 
During veg: 18/6 or 20/4; 18~24'' above canopy
During flowering: 12/12; 12~18'' above canopy

Rate the answer?
Recently purchased this light, love it very much, plants grow obviously. The only issue is the panel gets hot, cannot touch it, is this normal? Should I do something?

The TS series are no fan design, so the panel needs to release heat itself. We are using all aluminum meterial for the light body, and all the material are anti-fire, over 90% of the components are UL listed, so the light won't catch fire. Also the heat is under control, won't influence the lifespan of the light. Please don't worry. BTW, the whole room temperature won't increase too much. If you don't like the heat of the light, you can add one small fan above the light, it will help a lot, also during winter, it will not be a problem as well. 

Rate the answer?
Is the panel waterproof?

TS is not water proof, please make sure to clean the light now and then in order to ensure its longer lifespane. 

Rate the answer?
I received the light, but the whole panel cannot turn on? What is wrong?

Hi TS has two connection side, one is for the power cord, another side you need to plug in to the panel aka pcb board. Please check if you have plug in both sides. If both sides is connected, the light shuold be on. If both sides is connected and the light is still not turn on, please email us for warranty: [email protected] 

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My panel arrives, but the shape is a little changed, help!

The TS series is all aluminum for heat releasing purpose. But at the same time, the alunimnum is soft and easy to change shape during shipping. So the panel might change a little shape when you get it. But they will also be easy to use a hammer or something to return back shape as well. We are also keep improving our package to avoid more of these happen. Hope you can kindly understand. 

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Can the TS be daisy chained?

Hi, TS cannot be daisy chained 

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Is this light good through flowering 4x4 tent?

Two of the TSL 2000 will help you grow excellent plants in 4x4 area through flowering. One would be not enough. 

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How do you dim the light?

There is a small hole in the battery, you can adjust the light with a screwdriver. Please notice that the factory setting is the max wattage, so only turn down and please don't try to turn up avoid damaging the lamp.

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