LED Grow Light

Mars Hydro aims to provide affordable but high quality LED grow lights to growers around the world. We developed several lines of grow lights as below to meet different growers' growing needs:
1. Mars SP led grow light series: High quality SMD Epistar chips of white color, full spectrum grow lights, high PPE as 2.35~2.57umol/j, you get average yeilds at 1.8g/w. Home grower and Commercial growers all suitable. 
2. Mars TS LED grow light series: High quality SMD Epistar chips of white color, full spectrum, quantum board design led grow lights, high PPE as 2.15~2.35umol/j, you get average yeilds at 1.5g/w. We hope more grower get benefit from the advanced tech. 

3. Mars Pro II LED grow light series: With Taiwan made Epistar or Cree chips, reflector cup design, you can get higher efficient and more nature light. Best Choice for Commercial growers!
4. Mars II LED grow light series: the growers favorite light series, great result proved by many growers; Good penetration, affordable price! We also upgraded on the led chips to new SMD ones Quality reliable. Good choice for Commercial growers and growers who wants great growing result!
5. Reflector LED grow light series: Environmental friendly, cost efficient led grow light. Less heat output while with reflector cup design ensure the coverage and spectrum mixture. Best choice for Greenhouse growers, personal growers.
6. COB LED grow light series: With Cree CXB3590 COB, together with CREE and OSRAM led chips, meanwell driver, IP65 standard. You won't be choose wrong for your indoor growing. Best choice for growers who want high quality COB lights, and who grow indoor don't like noise.
7. Mars ECO LED grow light series: to replace Mars old white 300w and 600w. With newly SMD chips, the light efficiency will be higher, and you can save more on electricity. Best Choice for beginners.

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  1. Mars SP 150 Best Indoor Led Grow Light - Mars Hydro

    Mars SP 150 Best Indoor Led Grow Light - Mars Hydro

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    • Actual power:140W+/-5%@100--277V

    • Coverage:Veg2’x3’(60x90cm); Bloom:1.5’x3’(45x90cm)

    • Compared to HPS/MH/HID:250W

    • Average Yields:1.8g/W

    • PPE: 2.35-2.57umol/j

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  2. Mars Hydro; led grow lights; TS 3000; quantum board; HLG; indoor growing; full spectrum; meanwell; sunlike spectrum

    Mars TS 3000 Indoor Full Spectrum Led Grow Light - Mars Hydro

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    • Actual Power: 450W+/ -5%@ 100--277V

    • Coverage: Veg: 5’x5’(150x150cm);
      Bloom: 4’x4’(120x120cm)

    • Compared to HPS/MH/HID: 800W

    • Average Yields: 1.5g/W 

    • PPE: 2.1-- 2.35umol/J

    Preorder for US and Canada Only, shipment will be made before Sep. 20th, 2019. Other countries will ship from China directly. 

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  3. Mars Hydro Special Offer

    Mars Hydro Special Offer

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    • Mars Hydro Special Offer

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