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Supplementary LED Grow Lights

For some cultivations with specific goals, Mars Hydro provides several supplementary LEDs including UV for plant Biomass, IR for plants sleeping phase, vegetable and seedling grow lights with dedicated spectrum, table hydroponic gardening lights for herbs or organic food growth at home...

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What To Know Before Buying 

LED Grow Lights

Light is essential for plants, and LED lights are extremely good at converting electricity to lighting. Leveraging LED's energy efficiency advantage, paired with specifically targeted wavelengths in the full spectrum, LED grow lights were born.

LED grow lights, as they were called, provide accurate spectra, cool lighting performance, and superior light penetration for indoor plants of any type, at any phase of the growth cycle. However, not all of them are good and suitable for your indoor growing. Some inferior LED grow lighting may be worse in performance than HPS or HID. Therefore, you need to find a reliable manufacturer and choose the best-suited grow light for your case.

The best LED grow lights vary depending on the indoor growing conditions. But by far, the best LED grow lights have similar characteristics: high-quality components, targeted spectrum, practical body design, dimmable features, friendly price, and network connectivity possibilities.

Mars Hydro's LED growing lights possess all of the above qualities built with years of research and professionalism. We so here to provide several necessary guides for prospective buyers to help you have a clear overview of our grow lights and acquire more knowledge on how to grow indoor plants with LED grow lights.

  • If you’re new to Mars Hydro grow lights, check out Which Mars Hydro Is Best For Me to have a brief overview of the 4 light series and find the most suitable one, and don’t forget the Ultimate Indoor Grow Equipment List to get an equipment list for your cultivation start;
  • If you’re a beginner grower, check out Basic Growing Tips to know basic data and useful tips for indoor growing with LEDs; check out How Much PPFD For My Plants to know in detail the amount of “food” your plants require; and learn more about The Effect And Usage Of Ultraviolet and Infrared to understand the function of each wavelength in the light spectrum.
  • For buyers hesitant between the FC Series and the FC-E Series, check out the FC VS. FC-E.
  • For commercial growers or sourcing managers, we recommend our Business Website for you to start the trail first. A comprehensive presentation and professional consultation for your projects are available there.

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