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Mars Hydro pH and TDS Meter Combo For Hydroponics

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Quick Overview

Mars Hydro pH and TDS Meter Combo provide careful management of your hydroponic nutrient solutions to ensure the concentration of dissolved solids and the acidity or alkalinity is within the correct range.

pH and TDS Meter Combo Include:
pH/TDS meter *1, pH calibration buffers *3, user manual *1


Various Applications:
The Mars Hydro pH and TDS meter combination can be widely used to test data in hydroponics, aquariums, drinking water, pools, and other liquids with quickly stabilized readings.


Accuracy and Measurement Range:
The measurement range of pH is (0 - 14), with an accuracy of 0.01. The TDS meter reads 3 different data with an accuracy of 2%, the measurement ranges are - TDS (0 - 9990 ppm), EC (0- 9990 μs/cm), and Temperature (0.1 - 80.0 ℃ or 32.0 - 176.0 ℉).


User-Friendly Features:
The lightweight body provides portability and the LCD screen provides backlighting so that users can easily read the numbers even in dark environments. Automatic temperature compensation ensures correct and accurate readings at different temperatures. "Hold" buttons on the pH and TDS meters lock readings for easy checking and recording. Both meters automatically turn off after 2 minutes of non-use to avoid battery waste.


4 Display Modes Of TDS:
The Mars Hydro TDS meter can read 3 different data (TDS, EC, Temperature) and switch between 4 display modes (TDS+Celsius, EC+Celsius, TDS+Fahrenheit, EC+Fahrenheit), so that growers can have easy access to the exact data they want.


Calibration of pH Meter
:  Mars Hydro TDS & pH meter combo includes 3 pH calibration buffers to help growers calibrate the pH meter when it has been used too long or too often. Add the buffers separately to pure water, then insert the pH meter and press, then the pH meter will automatically calibrate itself. (Detailed tutorial in the user manual)


*Avoid water or solutions above the immersion line when you use the meters.

*pH and TDS meter readings can be stabilized quickly within 5s, but it takes 3 to 5 minutes when reading TDS of pure water.

*Be sure to clean the meters with distilled water and put on the protective cap after finishing the operation.

*There is no need to calibrate the meters too often, as they are already calibrated before packaged.

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