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TS Series LED Grow Lights

The TS series contains the best full spectrum grow LED lights for indoor plants. As the best-selling garden plant light series, it provides enough PAR that is rich in red and blue for activating Photosynthesis from seed to harvest. The patented reflective hood would reduce light scattering and increase the light intensity allowing for good energy efficiency. The TS Series barely have competitors in its price range thanks to the rewarding grow lighting performance.

Full spectrum
Reflective Cover Design
Most Beginner's Choice
Daisy Chain Dimming Feature


we’re here to all your questions

Some questions about led grow lights & TS series you may want to know.

What hight should I keep the light at from germination all the way threw flower?

Here is some grow tips, hope it can help:
Recommended Hanging Distance Above Plants:
Seeding: 24"
Germination: 24"-30"
Veg: 18"-24"
Bloom: 12"-18"
Recommended Lighting Time:
Veg: 18/6 (on/off) or 20/4 (on/off)
Flower: 12/12 (on/off)

Which model is recommended for beginners? Is it energy efficient?

If you're just starting out with indoor growing, we highly recommend our classic model, the TS1000 LED Grow Light. This model is perfect for beginners, as it is designed to provide optimal lighting for 2-4 plants and comes equipped with a dimming chain function, making it easy to adjust the light intensity according to your plants' needs. In addition, the TS1000 is energy-efficient, helping you save on your electricity bill while still providing your plants with the lighting they need to thrive.

Does the Mars Hydro TS600 LED grow light have dimming function?

The Mars Hydro TS600 is a linear grow light that does not have an external power source. If you need to adjust the light intensity for your plants, we recommend adjusting the height of the light. Besides, all other models in the TS series have dimming functions available.

I noticed that there are several red beads on it that appear to be very dim on my TS LED. Is it broken?

Don't worry, your light is not broken. The red beads you are referring to are the IR (infrared) LED beads, which emit a dark red light with a weaker glow than other LEDs on the light. These IR beads are an important component of the light and are designed to help promote plant blooming.

32x32 tent ts1000 or ts2000?

32*32IN tent is 2.7*2.7FT,
TS1000 veg coverage is 3*3FT, bloom coverage is 2.5x2.5FT,
TSW2000 veg coverage is 4*4FT, bloom coverage is 3*3FT,
TS1000 can fit your tent well, if you need more powerful, also can think about TSW2000

Will this type of light work well for cactus?

Absolutely! Our full spectrum LED grow lights are versatile and can be used for a variety of plants, including cacti. They provide the right spectrum of light for growing and flowering cacti, as long as you pay attention to the specific light requirements of the type of cactus you're growing. Different types of cacti require different levels of lighting, so it's important to do your research and adjust the light intensity accordingly. With the right care and attention, our LED grow lights can help your cacti thrive and bloom beautifully.

Where can I find the daisy chain power cord?

The daisy chain power cord is included in the package with your LED grow light. To use it, simply follow the instructions in the manual to connect the two ends of the cord to the dimming box of the two lights, which will allow you to control the lights' intensity using the dimming function. If you're having trouble, please reach out to our customer service. We're always here to help you get the most out of your Mars Hydro LED grow lights.

How to solve the temperature increase in the tent?

Our LED grow lights are designed to produce low heat compared to other quantum board lights on the market. However, if you're experiencing high temperatures inside your grow tent, you can consider adding some small fans to your tent to improve air circulation and help dissipate heat. Additionally, you can try removing the driver from the inside of the tent and placing it outside, as this can also help to lower temperatures. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your plants are growing in the optimal environment and avoid any negative effects from excess heat.

Can different models or versions of Mars Hydro LED grow lights be daisy-chained together?

Yes, they can be daisy-chained together as long as the product comes with a dimming box. The only thing to note is that sometimes there may be compatibility issues between different versions of the product and the dimming box, resulting in series dimming is not successful. If you experience any issues, please contact our customer service team and we will send you a compatible daisy chain cord to resolve the issue.