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It's emmited by te sun and covers a range from 100nm to 400nm, which we can't see it in our human's eyes.

There are 3 types of UV light. UVA and UVB are important because they can pass the ozone layer. UVC can't reach Earth's surface.

Pros of UV

  • Inducing the production of secondary metabolites. such as flavonoids and anthocyanins, enhanced resistance to pests, stresses, and diseases.
  • Produce more  THC


IR wavelength is longer than visible light(400-700m). lt's considered the light wavelength beyond 700 nm.

Deeper penetration, heat radiation and the shade-avoidance response for plants,IR can:

  • Increase the photosynthesis rate.
  • Promote robust stem growth and proper node spacing.


Deep Red refers to 660nm-680nm, it is the most important spectrum for the flowering period

This range of light, around 660-680 nanometers, is crucial for promoting plant growth during the flowering and fruiting stages.

Pros of Deep Red

  • Booster of the flower buds.
  • Promote plants to bloom and bear fruits, make flowers and fruits larger and stronger.
  • Enhance the brightness of flower colors and fruit.

ADlite for Main Lights Under 500W

ADlite for Main Lights Over 500W

How to Use ADlite Supplemental Lights?


VEG: Turn on 5 mintues every hours during the main light is on, max 1.5 hours on

FLOWER: Turn on 10 mintues every hours during the main light is on, max 2 hours on


FLOWER: 15 mintutues before main light on, 15 mintutues after main light off. Max 30 mintues

Deep Red

FLOWER: 12 hours on, consistent with the maun light on cycle

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