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1. What payment method do you accept?

-We accept PayPal, credit cards, debit, Western Union, Bank Transfers, and Bitcoin.

2. How can I pay with my credit cards or debit cards? Not via PayPal?

-Steps to click: “check out with PayPal”- ”pay with debit or credit card”. Don’t need to create a PayPal account, then you can use your cards to pay.

3. How can I pay with Western Union/Bank transfer or Bitcoin?

-For Western Union/Bank Transfer, you can place an order on our website and not pay; then contact us at [email protected] for our account address to pay to. For Bitcoin, pls contact directly, and we’ll send you our Bitcoin address.

4. What should I do if I cannot check out successfully?

-Contact us at or online chat, we’re always here to help.

5. Why do you have different extra "shipping costs" on the selection?

-The extra cost does not refer to the freight. It is cost differences for different countries, which contain shipping costs, storage costs, labor costs, etc, especially for European and UK regions, we need to pay VAT as well.



1. How many days can I get my package after placing an order?

-Shipment can be arranged within 1 business day. Usually 3-8 working days as shipping time when the item is in stock.

2. How do I track my package?

-You can check your account if you register on our website. We’ll also send a tracking number email to your email when the shipment is done. 

3. If my package shows delivered but I did receive it, what should I do?

-Please contact [email protected] ASAP. Our service team will offer you steps and solutions.

4. Do you ship to countries where you don’t have a warehouse?

For customers in Australia, Canada, the European Union, the United Kingdom, Thailand, Japan, and Russia, please place your orders through the corresponding local sites, accessible via links in the website footer. Orders to these countries will be shipped from local warehouses and most will not require import taxes. For all other countries where we do not have a local warehouse, orders will be shipped from our China factory. Please note that additional shipping costs and import taxes will be the responsibility of the customer. Check our SHIPPING POLICY page for detailed information.



1. How do I cancel/change my order?

-If you have not paid your order, you may log into your account and simply click the cancel button to cancel it directly. If paid, contact [email protected] ASAP. Once your order has shipped, we cannot cancel/change for you.

2. How do I know my order status?

- Log into your account to check your order status. There is 4 status: “Processing”, “pending”, “complete”, and “closed”.

3. What is your warranty? What can I do if my light has a problem?

-We have a 5-year warranty(1st year free,2-5 years limited), and 5 warranty centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Canada. Check our warranty page for more details. If you have a product issue, contact [email protected], and we’ll support you.

4. The product is great, but I changed my mind. How do I return an unopened package?

-We accept returns within 30 days upon arrival. For details check our return page. If you want to return an unopened package, pls contact [email protected] for the following steps.



1. Is it discreet shipping/package?

-Yes. It is discreet shipping. All our packages are shipped with plastic foam to stick the light and keep it safe; and without any labels “grow lights”, “grow tents” or brand names are mentioned on the packages.

2. I got the old version of light, and now I want a dimmer box and daisy chain, how can I do it?

The old and new versions are very different in internal structure, so it can’t just add a dimmer knob to realize the functions. Now only our TSW2000 & TSL2000 can have this function by replacing it with a new driver. The whole driver set would cost 100-150 USD. So we would not recommend customers buy it.

3. Could I add a blurple/red/HID light side-by-side mars hydro led light?

-Yes, this is helpful if you want more blue/red lights.

4. I have a business plan, where can I contact you guys?

-Pls contact us at [email protected], any business cooperation is welcomed!

5. Do you have guidance on light hanging height and dimming function for different plant stages- Seedling, Germination, Veg, and Flower?

-Please find the guidance in the following tables

Cautions When Applying the Above Heights And Dimmings.

PPFD RequiredGeneral CultivationCO2 Cultivation
Seedling Stage100-300 μmol//s400 μmol//s
Vegetative Stage250-600 μmol//s400-800 μmol//s
Flowering Stage500-1050 μmol//s800-1500 μmol//s
Ambient Temperature<= 30 , Optimal: 26~2730 ~35, max resistant: 36
 Light Schedule  
Seedling Stage18/6 ON/OFF  
Vegetative Stage18/6 ON/OFF  
Flowering Stage12/12 ON/OFF  


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