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Do You Know What Mars Hydro's LED Name Means?

By Stella October 14, 2021 2771 Views 171 comments

Maybe you have used or heard of Mars Hydro lights, but do you understand what the names of these lights stand for? This blog will give you the answer.

The Promise Of Vertical Farming & LED Lights For Cannabis — The Marijuana Industry Is "Growing Up"

By Hazel October 12, 2021 2107 Views No comments

Vertical farming is a new technique that promises to help cannabis cultivators sustainably scale their grow operations. However, there are pros & cons farmers need to consider before "going vertical." In addition, one should know the reasons why LED grow lights bring economic returns in this farming solution.

What Equipment Do You Need for Growing Cannabis Indoors?

By Stella October 6, 2021 2022 Views No comments

Do you have no idea where to start growing cannabis indoors? Read this article to find out what equipments you need to grow cannabis indoors and how to choose them.

6 Points to Know Why You Choose 2-in-1 Grow Tent

By Stella September 17, 2021 12010 Views 254 comments

When you don't know why you choose a 2-in-1 tent, take a look at this article. 2-in-1 tents not only have all the advantages of a normal tent, but also six additional features.

What's The Right PPFD For Weed Grow?

By Hazel September 8, 2021 5902 Views 2 comments
How much do you need for your cannabis plants? PPFD in seedling, vegetative, and flower stages? What about if my cannabis is running in a CO2 system? How much PPFD do my plants need with supplemental CO2? Let's find it in this blog.

PPE vs. PPFD: Which One Tells You The Performance of an LED Grow Light?

By Hazel September 6, 2021 1782 Views No comments
PPE and PPFD, what are they measuring on LEDgrow lights? Which is the best evaluation standard for picking an LED grow light? Continue reading the blog to know their meaning and how to use them when buying a LED.

HPS vs. LED Grow Lights — Which is Better for Growing Weed?

By Hazel Stella August 31, 2021 5197 Views 2 comments

The differences between HPS and LED are compared in terms of spectrum, duration of use, temperature and direction of refraction. It shows why LEDs are better than HPS.

Why Choose Mars Hydro — LED Grow Light Manufacturer Overview and Comparison

By Hazel Stella August 18, 2021 5091 Views 1 comment

As LED grow light market emerging, growers need to identify what types of manufacturers are in the market and find the most suitable type for you.

6 Reasons to Use a Grow Tent for Indoor Growing

By Hazel Stella August 13, 2021 17296 Views 182 comments

Why should growers use a grow tent? Grow tents vs outdoor growing, grow tents vs indoor growing - which is the winner? How to maintain a grow tent? We'll see in this blog.

​Mars Hydro FC series and FC-E series - what’s the difference?

By Mars Hydro Hazel August 3, 2021 10743 Views 2 comments

FC series and FC-E series. What's the differences? How do I pick the most suitable one for myself?