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Mars Hydro TSW 2000 Growing Feedbacks

Mars Hydro TSW 2000 is among the most growers' favorite lights after releasing for less than 1 years. 300w true wattage with high PPE around 2.5umol/j, but affordable price makes it really a great choice for growers. Many growers using this light have great growing feedbacks.
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Mars Hydro SP 250 Feedback

- Over 700pcs  leds on the light, very evenly light but great penetration. 
- PPE is above 2.5umol/j, real wattage is 230w, but can replace 500w HPS without any problem. Saving much more power! 
- Coverage is 3'x6' for veg and 2'x4' for flowering. No exaggeration!
- Full sunlike spectrum, not only for veg, but also great for flowering.
- ETL, CE, Rohs certificated, and over 90% Components are UL listed. Safty Ensured! 
We update the feedback pictures now and then, if you have great feedback pictures, please feel free to share with us. 

Mars Hydro TS 1000 Feedback

- Total 342pcs new SMD chips on the boards, very even light. 
- Average PPE above 2.3umol/j. Real wattage is 150w, can replace 300w HPS without  any problem. Saving more  energy.
- Reflector design, helping with bigger  coverage and higher PPFD output within the coverage area. 
- Coverage 3'x3' for veg and 2.5'x2.5' for flowering. 
- Full sunlike spectrum, not only good for veg, and also great for flowering. 
- ETL, CE, ROHS listed, over 90% components are UL listed, safety ensured. 
We update the feedback pictures now and then, if you have any great growing feedback pictures to share, please feel free to send to us. 

 Why choose Mars Hydro

10+ Years Reliable Supplier Since 2009 - Mars Hydro specialize in led grow light and grow tent since 2009, successfully made many grow light series, which are popular among growers. The Mars II series, Mars Reflector series, Mars COBMars ECO series, Mars Pro II series, and now the newest Mars SP and Mars TS series which are getting more and more hot by personal and commercial growers. 
Professional - Mars Hydro have been working on the best ratio of spectrum that help plants growing; Trying to improving the light efficiency to help maximum the light PPFD output while saving more energy; Developing more efficient light design to help grow better, etc. We are keep moving!
Safety Ensured - All the Mars Hydro lights are CE, ROHS, ETL certificated, over 90% components are UL listed. So your house safety is guaranteed; All the grow tents using non-toxic, environmental materials, so won’t have bad impact on your health.
Affordable Price  - Mars Hydro are factory selling direct to customers, no middle cost. And the goal of Mars Hydro is to help more growers benefit from the advanced led grow light technology without paying a lot.
2 to Non Service - Whenever you have needs, Mars Hydro will give you response within 24 business hours, there are some time difference since we are in China, but we will try our best to reach you when we saw your request. What’s more, we are available on facebook, instagram, 420magazine, thcfarmer, ozstoners, AFN, icmag, etc. You can find us almost everywhere!
Fast Shipping - Mars Hydro stock grow lights and grow tents in US, Canada, Russia, EU, UK, Australia,and China. Most countries can get the goods within 3~7 business days after placing the order. Few of the places might need ship from overseas, and pay custom fees, our service will email in advance.
Easier Payment Ways - Mars Hydro offers many payment ways: paypal, credict card (using paypal guest check out), bank transfer, western union, bitcoin (needs to contact sales rep). If you have trouble on the payment method, you can email us for solution as well: 
Worry-free Warranty - We offer 3 years warranty on all of our grow lights. 30 days return and 1 year free, and 3 years limited warranty policy. What’s more, we have warranty centers in US, Canada, EU, UK, Australia, and China. Whenever you have warranty issues, we will response and give you solution within 24 business hours. Standard warranty issue will be solved within 15 business days.