Your 420 Guide to Choosing the Best 2x4 LED Grow Light

Are you ready to take your indoor gardening to the next level? Whether you're a seasoned grower or just starting out, finding the right LED grow light is essential for maximizing yields and promoting healthy plant growth. In this comprehensive buying guide, we'll explore everything you need to know to choose the perfect LED grow light for your 2x4 grow space.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a 2x4 LED Grow Light

1. Light Spectrum: Look for LED grow lights that provide a full spectrum of light, including blue, red, and white wavelengths. A balanced spectrum promotes healthy vegetative growth and robust flowering.

2. Wattage and Coverage: Consider the wattage and coverage area of the LED grow light to ensure it can adequately cover your 2x4 grow space. Look for lights with adjustable power settings to customize intensity based on plant requirements.

3. PAR Output: PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) output measures the amount of light usable by plants for photosynthesis. Higher PAR output results in better plant growth and higher yields.

4. Efficiency: Check the efficiency rating of the LED grow light, usually measured in micromoles per joule (µmol/J). Higher efficiency lights produce more light per watt, resulting in energy savings and better performance.

5. Durability and Lifespan: Choose LED grow lights with a durable construction and a long lifespan. Look for lights with quality components and a warranty to ensure reliability and peace of mind.

6. Heat Dissipation: Efficient heat dissipation is essential to prevent overheating and ensure the longevity of the LED grow light. Look for lights with built-in heat sinks, fans, or passive cooling systems.

7. Brand Reputation and Reviews: Research reputable brands with positive customer reviews and a track record of producing high-quality LED grow lights. Customer feedback and recommendations can provide valuable insights into product performance and reliability.

Top Picks for 2x4 LED Grow Lights

Mars Hydro TSL2000

The TSL2000 LED grow light offers perfect rectangular lighting coverage for 4-6 indoor plants, making it ideal for grow tents, small rooms, cabinets, closets, and plant shelves. Its versatility extends to decorative floral shelves as well. Despite its high performance, the TSL2000 comes at an affordable price point, making it accessible to growers of all levels.

Key Specifications:

- Wattage: 300w

- Veg Coverage: 3x5 ft

- Flower Coverage: 2x4 ft

Low Power Consumption

Consuming only 300w of power while equipped with 704 high-quality chips, the TSL2000 offers an energy-efficient alternative to a 400w HPS light, saving growers 25% in electrical power consumption.

High-Performance Lighting

Featuring a total light output PPF of 717umol/S and a leading PPE of 2.6 umol/j, the TSL2000 is 50% more photon effective than traditional HPS/MH lights, resulting in a 30% higher yield.

Patent Reflective Hood Design

The patented reflector shape of the TSL2000 efficiently disperses light in all directions, maximizing light utilization and aiding plants in absorbing more light for optimal growth.

Full Spectrum for Plant Growth

The TSL2000 offers a full spectrum of light, with a unique mix of spectra that provides the most light in the 400-700nm waveband, ideal for promoting photon assimilation. Adequate IR (730-740nm) is also included in the spectra to encourage the development of larger buds.

Dimming and Daisy Chain Feature

Equipped with a separate dimming knob on the external driver, the TSL2000 allows for 0-100% settings adjustment, catering to different plant stages while reducing energy waste. Additionally, it supports daisy-chaining of up to 15 LEDs in a group, providing flexibility and scalability for larger setups.

With its exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and versatile features, the TSL2000 LED grow light is a top choice for growers looking to maximize yields and promote healthy plant growth in their 2x4 indoor gardens.

Mars Hydro FC4000

Powered by highly-efficient Samsung LM301H EVO chips, this cutting-edge LED grow light boasts an impressive efficacy of 3.14 μmol/j per diode, elevating the entire light's PPE to an outstanding 2.85 μmol/j! But that's not all – the FC 4000-EVO comes equipped with a smart system that offers a range of functionalities, including remote control, wireless dimming, automated programming, and growth plans, all designed to help growers enhance cultivation productivity and harvest superior-quality crops.

Key Specifications:

- Wattage: 320w

- Cultivation Coverage: 4x2 ft

- Ideal for Indoor Horticulture Growers: From professional cultivators to hobbyists.

Samsung LM301H EVO Chip

The FC 4000-EVO features the optimal horticultural lighting diode – the Samsung LM301H EVO chip. With an exceptional efficacy of 3.14 μmol/j per diode, the LM301H EVO emits a plant-centric spectrum that supports physical and nutrient growth, making it highly efficient for stimulating photosynthesis, producing bioactive compounds, and enhancing plant quality while saving energy.

Professional Samsung LED Grow Light

With its consumption of 320W and remarkable photosynthetic photon efficacy (PPE) of 2.85 μmol/j, the FC 4000-EVO represents an ideal lighting solution for indoor plants. Whether you're a personal grower or operate a commercial cultivation facility, this innovative LED grow light delivers reliable and consistent energy that maximizes plant growth and yield potential.

High PPFD and Even Light Distribution

The smart FC 4000-EVO provides an impressive PPFD of up to 871 μmol/m²/s, making it perfect for commercial cultivation and enhancing flowering to produce higher quality crops and greater yields. Its scientifically optimized pattern of LED chips ensures even light distribution, promoting uniform plant growth without hotspots.

Full Spectrum Light Rich in Red and Blue

The unique spectrum blend of the FC 4000-EVO contains precise combinations of blue, red, and green light, promoting optimal plant growth and development. Blue light stimulates vegetative growth, red light accelerates maturation, and green light enhances light penetration, resulting in healthier, more vibrant plants.

Smart Grow System

Connect the smart FC 4000-EVO to the Mars Hydro APP for convenient mobile access, allowing remote control and data transfer. Manage and schedule your grow light from anywhere, ensuring hassle-free operation and efficient data transfer with OTA technology.

Auto-Dimming and Precise Configuration

The auto-dimming feature of the smart FC 4000-EVO allows for precise customization of light intensity, aligning with your grow schedules. Sunrise & Sunset Simulation replicates the natural photoperiod of plants, offering professional-level options for personal growth.

Fast Heat Dissipation

With its wave-shaped heat sink and multi-bar style design, the FC 4000-EVO ensures quick heat dissipation, preventing disruptions to light operation and maintaining optimal performance.

The smart FC 4000-EVO LED grow light combines cutting-edge technology with professional-grade performance, making it the perfect choice for growers seeking superior results in 2x4 indoor horticulture.

Mars Hydro SP 3000

Mars Hydro SP3000, a strip LED grow light engineered to unleash the full potential of your garden. Crafted with premium Samsung LM301B chips and an enhanced broad spectrum featuring boosted red light, this grow light is the ultimate solution for greenhouses, whether serving as supplemental lighting or as the primary light source.

Key Specifications:

- Wattage: 300w

- Veg Coverage: 3x5 ft

- Flower Coverage: 2x4 ft

Efficiency and Heat Management

With 960 Samsung LM301B diodes and a power input of 300w, the SP3000 surpasses traditional HPS lights by saving 25% of electrical power while increasing light intensity by an impressive 30%. This translates to exceptional results while optimizing energy consumption. The SP Series boasts a thick aluminum passive heat sink and densely arranged chips, ensuring high efficacy with minimal heat output. This design maximizes light utilization while minimizing obstruction to natural light, providing an ideal environment for plant growth.

Leading Efficacy and Superior Penetration

Featuring an impressive total output of 824umol/S PPF and a leading efficacy of 2.8 umol/j, the SP3000 sets the industry standard. Its unparalleled light penetration capabilities ensure optimal growth and remarkable yields without risking damage to high-wire crops or tall plants.

Abundant Red Light In The Spectrum

The SP3000 incorporates a significant amount of red light in its full spectrum, enriched with 660nm dark red light. This unique combination stimulates flower formation and promotes dense bud development, resulting in thriving flowers and buds.

Optimal Thermal Control

Equipped with a thick-finned aluminum heat sink, the SP3000 ensures efficient heat dissipation, preventing overheating and providing an optimal temperature-controlled environment for your crops.

Convenient Dimming and Daisy Chain Functionality

Tailor the light intensity to your plants' needs with the SP3000's 0-100% dimming range. The daisy chain feature allows you to connect up to 30 lights simultaneously, providing scalability and ease of use for efficient cultivation conditions.

2024 New Mars Hydro SP 3000

Building upon the renowned performance of its predecessors, the new SP 3000 is specifically designed to meet the unique demands of greenhouse cultivation. With its exceptional light penetration and heat dissipation capabilities, this new model is optimized to thrive in 2x4 greenhouse environments.

Key Specifications:

- Wattage: 300w

- Veg Coverage: 3x5 ft

- Flower Coverage: 2x4 ft

Enhanced Performance for Greenhouses

The SP 3000 maintains the SP series' signature high light penetration, ensuring that plants receive optimal light coverage throughout their canopy. This feature is particularly crucial in greenhouse settings where light distribution can be challenging. Additionally, the SP 3000's advanced heat dissipation technology prevents overheating, creating an ideal growing environment for your plants.

Improved Waterproof Design

Equipped with enhanced waterproof capabilities, the SP 3000 excels in high humidity environments commonly found in greenhouses. This added feature provides peace of mind to growers, knowing that their grow lights can withstand the moisture-rich conditions without compromising performance or safety.

Higher Yields at a Lower Cost

With the SP 3000, achieving higher yields becomes more accessible and cost-effective. By leveraging its efficient light output and optimized spectrum, growers can maximize their crop yields while minimizing energy consumption. This translates to increased productivity and profitability for greenhouse operations.

Experience the next level of greenhouse cultivation with the Mars Hydro SP 3000. From its superior light penetration to its enhanced waterproof design, this innovative grow light is engineered to elevate your yields while lowering your operational costs. Additionally, don't miss out on the SP3000 Red Light version, which features a spectrum optimized specifically for greenhouse environments, now available.

Mars Hydro VG80

The VG80 LED T5 Grow Light is meticulously crafted for the optimal growth of seedlings, clones, and vegetable propagation, as well as the cultivation of indoor tropical plants. With its expansive coverage and minimal power consumption, it stands as a versatile solution for indoor gardening enthusiasts. Boasting a full-spectrum design powered by OSRAM chips, this grow light is engineered to meet the diverse needs of plant growth cycles.

Efficient Design and Wide Coverage

Operating at a wattage of 80W (40W each light bar), the VG80 is engineered to provide ample light coverage for a core area of 4ft*2ft. Its low DLI (Daily Light Integral) output makes it ideal for fostering the healthy development of vegetables, seedlings, and clones. Despite its modest power consumption, the VG80 delivers exceptional results, covering a large area while minimizing energy usage.

Promoting Healthy Plant Growth

Tailored for cloning and vegetative growth stages, the VG80 ensures optimal conditions for robust plant development. Its low heat emission allows for placement at lower heights on plant racks without risking damage to plants. By providing high-quality vegetable light, the VG80 encourages vigorous growth and supports the cultivation of thriving plant specimens.

Cost-Effective and High-Yield Production

Beyond its standalone applications for seedling cultivation and cloning, the VG80 can be seamlessly integrated into larger grow setups to maximize production efficiency. Paired with lights optimized for the flowering stage and adopting a cyclic planting method, the VG80 accelerates the harvest cycle and boosts overall yield. This cost-effective approach streamlines the cultivation process while maximizing output.

Versatile and Convenient Features

Equipped with daisy chain functionality, the VG80 offers easy installation and scalability for commercial growers. Its compatibility with various indoor planting systems, including bottom, side, under-lighting, and top lighting, ensures adaptability to diverse cultivation setups. Additionally, it addresses common issues such as slow growth and narrow leaves in tall plants by delivering uniform light distribution from various angles.

IP65-Rated Water Resistance

Designed to withstand high humidity environments, the VG80 features an IP65 waterproof rating. Its light panel is equipped with a specialized transparent waterproof lampshade, safeguarding the diode and circuitry from moisture damage. With a meticulously waterproofed interface, the VG80 operates reliably in humid conditions without compromising its longevity or performance.


Selecting the ideal LED grow light is paramount to maximizing yields and fostering robust plant growth within your 2x4 grow area. Take into account key factors such as light spectrum, wattage, PAR output, efficiency, durability, and brand credibility when making your decision. By choosing the right LED grow light, you can establish an optimal environment for your indoor garden to thrive and flourish.

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