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​Mars Hydro FC series and FC-E series - what’s the difference?

By Mars Hydro Hazel August 3, 2021 17870 Views 3 comments

FC series and FC-E series. What's the differences? How do I pick the most suitable one for myself?

Why FC-E series are not Samsung chips?

By Hazel May 14, 2021 8954 Views 2 comments

Mars Hydro SP series and FC series use Samsung chips which are well-received. So it's shocking to know that Mars Hydro stops using Samsung chips in their new featured product - FC-E series grow lights. Wanna know why?

420 SALE - MARS HYDRO 2021

By EMMIE April 17, 2021 5489 Views No comments

To celebrate Cannabis 420 Festival with all growers, Mars Hydro offer the special offer from 19th-21st, check Mars Hydro 420 sale details here!

A New Arrivial in 2021- FC-E led grow lights Release and Giveaway!

By Hazel April 7, 2021 22368 Views 401 comments

In 2020, we have released FC series; and now in 2021, we’re releasing FC-E series as our new product this year. These new series have a similar name to FC series, but of course, there are differences. Will they perform well as FC series do? Let's see!

Grow Tips To Know When Using Led Grow Lights

By JOY March 12, 2021 32934 Views 12 comments

Do you want to know the little knowledge about the use of LED grow light?

Best Commercial LED Grow Light - Mars Hydro SP 6500 Giveaway

By Hazel December 10, 2020 49962 Views 1341 comments

Mars Hydro now released a new SP family member - SP6500. It aimed at the best commercial grow light, so let's check it out what SP6500 can do.

Why not entry Mars Hydro Black Friday giveaway and Sales in 2020?

By Mr.MH420 November 9, 2020 15192 Views 4 comments

This time Mars Hydro Black Friday giveaway starts from Nov.10-30th on Instagram first, then other pages follow later. Everyone of you have chance to win mars led grow light TS600,TS1000, TS2000, TS3000, SP3000 or grow kits. Good luck all!

SP 3000 Game Changer - Mars Hydro

By Tina Chou June 9, 2020 43769 Views 4 comments

Mars Hydro Release the new SP 3000 led grow light, how would we say this is a game changer light? Check out now!