Brighten Your Garden: Ignite Joy with Our 420 Sale!

Step into the green season with our 420 promotion, unfolding from April 3rd through April 30th. This year, we're taking your gardening to the next level with enticing offers and a variety of added benefits tailored to enhance your planting adventures. Discover all the enriching details about our 420 sale and how it can transform your grow space:

Pre-420 Flash Sale (April 3rd to April 16th)

Join our Pre-420 Flash Sale to unlock new opportunities to boost your gardening toolkit each week. Kick off with two exhilarating weeks of flash sales, where a diverse range of products will be featured with discounts reminiscent of Black Friday, ensuring you have the chance to pick up your favorite items at a fraction of the price each week. Moreover, select products will be available at special pre-420 promotional prices, giving you a sneak peek into the 420 Mega Sale excitement.

By subscribing to our promotion, you gain not only an exclusive 5% discount valid across our entire store but also a chance to enter a draw to win the impressive FC-E1500, providing a powerful enhancement to your growing space.

To enhance your shopping experience, spending a total of $420 across our site unlocks access to a special collection of complimentary gardening essentials. These items, tailored to support your gardening needs, including timers, heating mats, drying racks, and clip-on fans, will be randomly selected and sent to you, adding an element of surprise to your gardening adventures.

Cap off this opportunity-rich promotion with triple points on all purchases, significantly boosting your rewards balance and bringing you closer to your next gardening adventure.

420 Mega Sale (April 17th to April 23rd)

Step into the heart of our celebration with the 420 Mega Sale phase, spanning from April 17th to April 23rd. During this time, the essence of our 420 festivities comes alive, offering a broad spectrum of discounts on all stocked products, mirroring the intensity, full gifts, and points rewards of the Flash Sale phase that set the stage from April 3rd to April 16th. Gear up for fantastic savings on premium items including the FC-E1500, the FC1500, the Adlite Series, and the FC-E8000, among others, all featured in this special sale event.

Continuing the momentum of the Pre-420 Flash Sale, spending $420 across our site unlocks access to a treasure trove of gardening essentials for free. When you spend a total of $420 site-wide, you unlock access to complimentary gardening essentials. These will include a random selection of handy tools such as timers, heating mats, drying racks, and clip-on fans, each thoughtfully chosen to cater to your unique gardening needs. Moreover, this promotion is brimming with opportunities, including triple points on every purchase, allowing you to maximize your rewards.

But that's not all— the 420 Mega Sale brings an added daily excitement with our lightning deals. Each day, a new product will spotlight with a jaw-dropping discount of about 25%, with the possibility of discounts peaking at 30%. These daily specials are meticulously chosen to offer incredible value on our most coveted products, providing the perfect opportunity to enhance or broaden your gardening arsenal at unbeatable prices.

During our 420 Mega Sale phase, we're excited to spotlight our FC Series alongside the FC-E Series, Adlite Supplemental light, clip fan, and grow tent kits, all offering unbeatable deals.

The FC Series — Up to 15% Discount

The FC Series

This series stands as a benchmark of quality in indoor cultivation lighting, combining detailed engineering with unmatched performance, perfectly suited for master growers looking to enhance their indoor growing projects.

Thanks to the Samsung diodes, the FC Series fixtures offer a comprehensive spectrum of light, crucial for all stages of plant growth, maintaining over 90% light accuracy and efficiency even after 36,000 hours of use.

What sets the FC Series apart is its ability to provide a uniform and intense PPFD across the canopy, crucial for ensuring consistent plant quality in grow rooms and vertical farming setups. Coupled with an impressive maximum yield of 3.5g/W, the FC Series delivers on its promise of outstanding performance and return on investment for those dedicated to top-tier indoor cultivation. During our 420 Mega Sale, the FC1500 comes with a 10% in-store discount plus an additional 10% off coupon code, while the FC4800, FC8000, and FC6500 models also join the array of other discounts available.

The FC-E Series — Up to 15% Off

The FC-E Series 

The FC-E Series shines brightly as a budget-friendly alternative within our 420 Mega Sale phase, offering the consistent lighting quality of the FC Series without the higher price tag. Perfect for growers aiming to minimize initial expenses without sacrificing light quality, the FC-E Series represents a smart investment in your cultivation future.

Opting for BridgeLux diodes as an economical choice compared to the Samsung diodes of the FC Series, this series does not falter in delivering top-notch yields through its even light distribution. Key specifications include:

- Wattage: 300w±5% to 1000w±5%

- Chip Brand: BridgeLux

- PPF: 832μmol/S to 2766μmol/S

- PPE: 2.8μmol/j

- Max Yield: 2.5g/W to 3.0g/W

Notably, the FC-E8000 stands out with a max yield of 3.0g/w, emphasizing it as a high-return investment. This level of performance, despite the series' affordability, indicates its capability to produce significant yields, boosting the return on investment (ROI) for savvy cultivators.

During our 420 Mega Sale, the FC-E1500 also comes with an enticing offer of a 10% discount in-store plus an additional 10% off coupon code. The spotlight, however, shines on the FC-E8000, participating in our lightning deal events. This makes the FC-E Series, especially the FC-E8000, an irresistibly attractive option for those looking to maximize their growing efficiency while keeping costs in check.

Adlite Supplemental light — Use Code for Up to 15% Off

Adlite Supplemental light

The Adlite supplemental lighting series emerges as a pinnacle of innovation and efficiency in the realm of indoor gardening illumination, expertly crafted to meet the nuanced needs of seasoned cultivators aiming to elevate their growing environments. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Adlite series provides targeted spectral support, ensuring that plants receive the exact wavelengths needed for supplementary photosynthesis, crucial for optimizing growth phases and bolstering yield potential. This targeted approach helps maintain high levels of spectral efficiency and accuracy, enhancing the quality and speed of plant development

Distinguishing the Adlite series is its strategic deployment of light, designed to complement primary lighting systems by filling in light spectrum gaps. This results in a balanced and comprehensive light environment that supports uniform growth and robust health across the entire plant canopy. With potential yield improvements and enhanced crop quality, the Adlite series exemplifies its commitment to maximizing growers' returns on investment.

Amidst the 420 promotion, the Adlite series becomes even more accessible, offering a 15% discount directly on-site coupled with an additional 20% off through a special discount code, making it an opportune moment for growers to incorporate these advanced lighting solutions into their setups. The inclusion of the Adlite series in the lightning deal events further underscores its value, presenting a not-to-be-missed chance to achieve unparalleled cultivation success with smart, supplemental lighting.

Clip-on Fan — Stay Cool, Grow Strong

Clip-on Fan

During our 420 Mega Sale, don't miss the chance to enhance your indoor garden with the Mars Hydro 6-inch clip-on fan, available at an exclusive 15% discount. This fan is a game-changer for grow tents, offering adjustable speeds, head tilt, and automatic oscillation to mimic natural wind patterns, promoting stronger stem growth and preventing hotspots. With its energy-efficient and quiet operation, this fan is designed to maintain the tranquility and health of your indoor garden. Its robust, upgraded clip design ensures a secure fit in various setups, making it an indispensable tool for every indoor grower. Grab yours during the 420 promotion and optimize your plant's environment for peak performance.

Grow Tent Kits — Your All-in-One Solution for Lush Gardens

Grow Tent Kits — Your All-in-One Solution for Lush Gardens

During our 420 Mega Sale, the Mars Hydro grow tent emerges as a fortress of efficiency, meticulously designed to prevent any light from escaping. Engineered with nylon explosion-proof zippers, double stitching, and double-channel port housing, it guarantees zero light leaks. The inclusion of a detachable mylar bottom shell and a lining that's 95% light-proof with tear-resistant, reflective mylar, not only amplifies the lamp's intensity but also retains heat, ensuring the tent maintains the optimal temperature for the growth of plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

Our Grow Tent kits come with everything you need to kickstart your indoor cultivation journey, removing the hassle of selecting and pairing accessories. Purchasing a complete set during the 420 sale period not only offers convenience but also presents additional savings on top of the already competitive pricing. This is the perfect opportunity to set up or upgrade your indoor gardening setup with Mars Hydro, ensuring your plants thrive in an environment crafted for their success.

Don't miss out on this peak week of our 420 celebration, where every day brings a new opportunity to save and succeed in your growing endeavors.

420 Deal Continues (April 24th to April 30th)

Did life's little interruptions cause you to miss out on our main promotional days? Fear not, because the 420 Deal Continues, from April 24th to April 30th, offering you a golden opportunity to catch up on those deals. This phase still features a wide array of discounts across our range, ensuring you have access to our best offers.

During this period, every purchase comes with double points rewards, further enriching your points wallet. It's the perfect time to accumulate those extra points, bringing you closer to even more savings and benefits on future purchases.

Feel secure in your shopping during our 420 promotion, thanks to our 30-day price protection policy. Should you discover a lower price on a recently purchased item, rest assured, we're on standby to adjust the difference. Seize this extended opportunity to get all your gardening must-haves at unbeatable prices, all while basking in the assurance that comes from our dedication to your complete satisfaction.

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