The Game Changer for LED Grow Lights-Samsung LM301H EVO Chips

The Game Changer for LED Grow Lights-Samsung LM301H EVO Chips

The importance of high-quality chips on LED grow lights cannot be overstated, as they play a crucial role in determining the overall performance and success of indoor horticulture. They can help LED grow lights improve the efficiency of converting electrical energy into light available for plant growth, providing the most suitable spectrum for plant growth, thereby increasing crop yields. 

However, the quality of LED chips on the market varies. It is the best choice to choose an internationally renowned brand that is market tested, such as Samsung, Bridgelux, Osram, and so on. 

In this blog, we will take you to know the LED chip latest launched by Samsung company-LM301H EVO, and introduce the effects it brought to Mars Hydro FC series LED grow lights.

Get to Know Samsung Chips-the Pioneer in LED Chip Industry

Samsung led chips


Samsung LED chips offer numerous advantages due to their advanced technology and innovation. Such as high efficiency, long lifespan, excellent color rendering, a wide range of color temperatures, versatility in application, low heat emission, envirionmentally friendly, etc. 

And Samsung continues to innovate and launch new series of chips, which are commonly used in LED plant lights:

Samsung LM301B Series: Optimized for horticultural lighting applications, providing high photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) and full-spectrum output for healthy plant growth.

Samsung LM301H Series: An improved version of the LM301B chips, offering higher efficiency and enhanced light output for both horticultural and general lighting applications.

Based on the LM301H series chips, Samsung launched the LM301H EVO series of chips this year, specially designed to meet the needs of gardeners and they are with a plant-centric spectrum and seek to obtain stronger and more valuable crops while consuming less energy. 

To meet the market demand and improve the planting efficiency of customers, Mars Hydro replaced the LM301B series chips originally used in FC series grow lights with LM301H EVO series chips this year.


Why Samsung LM301H EVO Chips Become the Game-Changer for LED Grow Lights?

Samsung LM301H EVO chips



Basic Parameters
PPEPPFWattageForward Voltage
3.14 μmol/J0.56 μmol/s0.2 W2.7 V


The Innovative Plant-Centric Spectrum Boosts Plants Photosynthesis and Results in Better Growth

plant-centric full spectrum


Based on the research on the significant impact of light spectra on plant growth, Samsung has innovatively developed a plant-centric spectrum with a peak at437 nm using its world-class spectral engineering technology. Compared with the spectral peak of 450nm of normal full-spectrum LED grow lights, the spectral peak of 437 nm is more suitable for the ratio of chlorophyll A and B and photosynthesis.

And compared to ordinary white LEDs or combinations of blue and red LEDs, the LM301H EVO LEDs adopt a shorter wavelength plant-centered spectrum, promoting higher-quality plant growth, larger and thicker leaves, and more robust fruits. It also stimulates secondary metabolites such as phenols and flavonols, thereby improving the nutritional quality of plants.

For example, experimental results showed that tomatoes grown under Samsung LM301H EVO chips' plant-centered spectrum had a whole shoot fresh weight of approximately 2.98 kg/plant, leaf area of approximately 1966.2 cm²/plant, sugar content was around 4.3%, and a yield of about 2.38 kg/plant. Compared to tomatoes grown under other normal full-spectrum LED grow lights, the whole shoot fresh weight increased by 20%, leaf area increased by 5%, sugar content increased by 15%, and yield increased by 25%.

Furthermore, this newly designed spectrum effectively inhibits the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, resulting in longer-lasting storage for crops.


Industry-Leading PPE Make It Easier to Increase Crop Yields While Saving Energy

Samsung LM301H EVO chips


In order to provide customers with more efficient light, the PPE of the Samsung LM301H EVO chip has reached 3.14 μmol/J. What does a high PPE value indicate? It indicates that the LED chip can produce more usable light with less energy consumption, making it more efficient for plant growth.

The most important point is that LED chips with high PPE provide a higher quantity of photosynthetically active photons, which directly contributes to increased plant growth rates. And plants receive more light energy to fuel photosynthesis, leading to enhanced biomass production and faster development.

What’s more, the higher the PPE of LED chips, the more light energy is available for plants to convert into chemical energy through photosynthesis. As a result, plants can produce more carbohydrates, which are essential for the development of fruits, flowers, and other plant products, leading to improved crop yields.

In addition, LED chips with high PPE are more energy-efficient, since they produce more usable light per watt of electrical power consumed. Growers can achieve the same light intensity and plant growth with lower energy consumption, leading to reduced electricity costs and a more sustainable growing operation.

Please Note: Although the PPE value of a single Samsung EVO chip is 3.14 μmol/J, the PPE of a complete grow light cannot reach this value. This is because the PPE value of a complete grow light is determined by the number and arrangement of chips on different models of grow lights. And the PPE of the whole light takes into account the combined efficiency of all the chips, including losses incurred due to optical losses, and thermal management. It provides a more accurate representation of the actual energy efficiency of the entire lighting system. 


Special Device Architecture Ensures Great Performance and Stable Operation 

The Samsung LM301H EVO chips feature a special device architecture that ensures exceptional performance and stable operation for a wide range of lighting applications. 

Flip-chip Technology Effectively Manages Heat and Secures Stable Operation

Samsung flip-clip chips


The Samsung LM301H EVO chip adopts flip-chip technology, where the electrical connections are made directly to the front (emitting area) of the chip. This connection method allows for efficient heat dissipation since the heat generated during operation can be more effectively conducted away from the active region. Moreover, due to its improved thermal management, flip-chip LED chips can handle higher power levels and current densities.


Technological Expertise Maintains Performance in a High Sulfur Environment

Samsung EVO chips


The Samsung LM301H EVO chips can resist the corrosion caused by sulfur compounds, protecting the delicate semiconductor layers from external contaminants. Even when exposed to high-sulfur environments, the LED chips can ensure their lifespan and stability. According to tests, the EVO chips' flip-chip technology guarantees that the chips maintain up to 99% of PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) maintenance in high sulfur environments.


What Improvements Have Been Made to FC Series LEDs After Chips Upgraded?

Improved Efficiency: The Samsung EVO LED chips have improved the photosynthetic photon efficacy (PPE) of Mars Hydro FC series LED grow lights. This means that for every watt of electricity consumed, the grow lights can generate more usable light. It provides crops with sustainable, reliable, and stable energy efficiency, resulting in reduced electricity costs.

Increased PPFD and Uniform Light Distribution: The FC series Samsung EVO smart grow light offers an impressive PPFD, making it ideal for commercial cultivation and improving flowering for superior crop quality and increased yields. The LED chips on each light bar are strategically arranged in an optimized pattern, ensuring uniform light distribution that fosters consistent plant growth while preventing concentrated hotspots at the center.

Optimized Full Spectrum Rich in Red and Blue: The FC series LED plant Lights’ distinctive spectrum blend includes a precise mix of blue and red light, complemented by an ample amount of green light to foster ideal plant growth. Blue light encourages vegetative growth and facilitates the accumulation of vital phytochemicals, while abundant red light speeds up the maturation process and enhances the quality of buds and flowers. Besides, the inclusion of sufficient green light ensures essential plant development and improves light penetration throughout the canopy.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Samsung LM301H EVO chips have emerged as a game-changer in the LED grow lights industry, revolutionizing indoor plant cultivation. With their advanced technology and superior performance, these chips offer numerous advantages that significantly impact plant growth and overall efficiency. 

If you are interested in the Mars Hydro FC series Samsung LM301H EVO smart grow lights or have any questions about them, please feel free to contact us!