What Are The Advantages of Quantum Board LED Grow Lights Over Bar-Style LED Grow Lights?

In the rapidly evolving world of horticultural lighting, innovation drives growth. Among the leading technologies, Quantum Board LED grow lights and bar-style LEDs have emerged as two prominent solutions, each with its own set of unique features and benefits. But what sets Quantum Board LED grow lights apart from their counterparts? 

This blog aims to focus on the inherent advantages of Quantum Boards over bar-style LEDs. Whether you're a novice grower or an experienced grower, understanding these differences can lead to more informed decisions and optimized growing conditions.

What Are Quantum Board LED Grow Lights and Bar-Style LED Grow Lights?

Quantum Board LED Grow Lights

Quantum Board LED

Quantum Board LED Grow Light is an innovative plant lighting solution that is gradually becoming a popular choice for indoor gardens. This unique design uses a flat printed circuit board (PCB) with a dense array of LED diodes to provide more uniform light than other board-style LED grow lights.


Bar-Style LED Grow Lights

bar-style led grow light

Bar-style LED grow light is usually a slim light fixture consisting of an array of LED diodes mounted on a narrow rectangular bar. And the bars can be joined together to create longer light fixtures, or arranged in an even layout to create square light fixture called multi-bar-light.


The Advantages of Quantum Board LED Grow Lights Over Bar-Style LED Grow Lights

More Centralized Light Distribution Can Lead to Higher Central Light Intensity

Quantum Board LED grow lights have redefined the way indoor gardeners approach lighting solutions, and one of the standout benefits lies in their ability to provide more centralized light distribution. This feature can lead to higher central light intensity, which is vital for various reasons.

The Quantum Plate design allows the LED diodes to be distributed over a flat surface, resulting in a more concentrated light source with greater penetration from the center light source. This concentrated light intensity ensures that plants in the center of the growing area have constant, powerful exposure to the light spectrum required for photosynthesis. And the most obvious benefit of this kind of light distribution is that if you are growing medium-to-tall plants, the individual plant can be perfectly covered by the light of a Quantum Board LED.

Bar-style LED grow lights can provide an even distribution of light, and they are more favored in larger spaces due to the consistency of light delivered across the canopy. However, the light source of bar style LED grow light is not so concentrated compared with that of Quantum Board LEDs.


Simpler Manufacturing Procedure Make It More Cost-Effective 

Quantum Board grow lights are not only heralded for their technological advancements but also for their cost-effectiveness and suitability for novice growers. Quantum Board LED grow lights typically cost less than bar-style LED grow lights due to variations in their design and the way they are manufactured.

Quantum Board LED grow lights are built using a printed circuit board (PCB), a flat surface where electronic parts are affixed. The utilization of the PCB design permits the effective creation of numerous LED chips within a limited space, lowering the expense of production. Moreover, the construction of Quantum Board LED grow lights is more straightforward, consisting of fewer parts and connection points compared to LED bar grow lights. This leads to a reduction in material costs and a more uncomplicated manufacturing procedure.


Beginner-Friendly Entry-Level LED Grow Lights

Quantum Board LED has become the first choice for novice growers because of its high cost-effectiveness and ease of operation. Furthermore, many Quantum Boards come with adjustable light spectrum and intensity controls, allowing beginners to experiment and learn without the steep learning curve associated with more complex lighting systems.

LED bar grow lights have high output efficiency, and can provide more uniform light, but the price is more expensive than quantum board LED grow lights.


More Suitable for Various Small Grow Spaces Indoors

For growers who want to cultivate weed, flowers, or small vegetables at home, Quantum Boards are a perfect solution. They can be adapted to fit small spaces, like grow tents, cabinets and plant shelves. Especially for growers who use small planting shelves at home, the small-size Quantum Board LED grow light is definitely the most suitable due to its perfect coverage and light-weight. 


What Type of Growers Are Quantum Board LEDs Most Suitable for?

For inexperienced novice growers, Quantum boards are the best choice because their price is usually lower than light bars, and they are more suitable as entry-level lights. And If you need to upgrade your quantum boards to other plant lights in the future, they can also be used as a supplementary grow light.

For growers who are growing medium-to-tall plants at home, Quantum Board LEDs are also better suited as grow lights, as they have a strong center penetration of the light source, and a single light can provide better light coverage and uniform PPFD for a plant.

For growers who grow plants in small grow tents, cabinets, and planting shelves indoors, Quantum Board LEDs are absolutely an overwhelming choice because of their low-cost, light-weight, and convenient operation.

The Best Quantum Board LED Grow Lights

Mars Hydro TS series quantum board LED

There are so many Quantum Board LED grow lights in the market, but it’s important to choose a trustworthy Quantum Board LED with a great reputation. The Mars Hydro TS series LED grow lights are well-regarded within the indoor growing community for their Quantum Board LED grow lights. Here's a breakdown of what makes the Mars Hydro TS series grow lights stand out:

1. Full Spectrum Light:

TS series LED plant lights provide a full spectrum of white light, closely mimicking natural sunlight. This ensures plants receive the appropriate light for all growth stages, from seedlings to flowering and fruiting.

2. Energy Efficiency:

Mars Hydro TS series LEDs are designed to consume less power compared to traditional HPS or CFL lights. This energy efficiency doesn't compromise on light output, delivering excellent PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) values.

3. Daisy-Chaining Capability:

These LED grow lights can be connected in a daisy chain, allowing for simpler installation and management of multiple lights. This is especially beneficial for larger growing areas.

4. Dimming Functionality:

Some models in the Mars Hydro TS series LED grow lights offer dimming functionality, providing growers with the ability to adjust light intensity according to the specific needs of their plants.

5. Affordability:

Mars Hydro has positioned the TS series grow lights as a budget-friendly option without sacrificing quality. This makes the lights accessible to a broader range of growers.

6. Durability and Reliability:

Constructed with quality materials, the TS series is built to last, ensuring a long operational life. Mars Hydro also offers support and warranties to back up their products.

7. Adaptability to Various Growing Environments:

The versatility of the TS series allows for use in various growing setups, from small home gardens to commercial greenhouses and specialized growing systems like hydroponics.