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1.What payment method do you accept?

-We accept PayPal, credit card, debit, Western Union, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin.

2.How can I pay with my credit cards or debit cards? Not via PayPal?

-Steps to click: “check out with PayPal”- “create an account”-”pay with debit or credit card”. Don’t need to really create a PayPal account, then you can use your cards to pay.

3.How can I pay with Western Union/Bank transfer or Bitcoin?

-For Western Union/Bank Transfer, you can place an order on our website and not pay; then contact us at [email protected] for our account address to pay to. For Bitcoin, pls contact [email protected] directly, we’ll send you our Bitcoin address.

4.What should I do if I cannot check out successfully?

-Contact us at [email protected] or online chat, we’re always here to help.



1.How many days can I get my package after placing an order?

-Shipment can be arranged within 1 business day. Usually 3-8 working days as shipping time when the item in stock.

2.How do I track my package?

-You can check your account if you register on our website. We’ll also send a tracking number email to your email when the shipment is done. 

3.If my package shows delivered but I did receive it, what should I do?

-Please contact [email protected] ASAP. Our service team will offer you steps and solutions.

4.Do you ship to countries where you don’t have a warehouse?

-For countries we don’t have a warehouse in, we will ship from China factory with extra shipping cost. There will be import tax taken by local customs, pls notice.

5.I’m in Europe, do I need to pay tax?

-Most European countries do not have to pay tax. (including Germany,Belgium,Luxembourg, Slovakia,Czech,Hungary,Austria,Netherlands,Denmark,France,Ireland,Italy,Poland,Slovenia,Spain,Finland,Latvia,Lithuania,Sweden,Bulgaria,Estonia,Portugal,Romania,Greece,Cyprus,Croatia,Malta) Others will need to pay tax and extra shipping cost.



1.How do I cancel/change my order?

-If you have not paid your order, you may log into your account and simply click the cancel button to cancel it directly. If paid, contact [email protected] ASAP. Once your order has shipped, we cannot cancel/change for you.

2.How do I know my order status?

- Log into your account to check your order status. There’s 4 status: “Processing”, “pending”, “complete”, “closed”.

3.What is your warranty? What can I do if my light has a problem?

-We have a 5-year warranty(1st year free,2-5 year limited), and 5 warranty centers in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, and Canada. Check our warranty page for more details. If you have a product issue, contact [email protected], we’ll support you.

4.The product is great, but I changed my mind. How do I return an unopened package?

-We accept returns within 30 days upon arrival. Details check our return page. If you want to return an unopened package, pls contact [email protected] for the following steps.



1.Is it discreet shipping/package?

-Yes. It is discreet shipping. All our packages are shipped with plastic foam to stuck the light and keep it safe; and without any labels “grow lights”, “grow tents” or brand name mentioned on the packages.

2.I got the old version light, and now I want a dimmer box and daisy chain, how can I do it?

-The old version and the new version are very different in internal structure, so it can’t just add a dimmer knob to realize the functions. Now only our TSW2000 & TSL2000 can have this function by replacing it with a new driver. The whole driver set would cost 100-150 USD. So we would not recommend customers to buy it.

3.Could I add a blurple/red/HID light side by side mars hydro led light?

-Yes, this is helpful if you want more blue/red lights.

4.I have a business plan, where can I contact you guys?

-Pls contact us at [email protected], any business cooperation is welcomed!