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Mars Hydro Seedling Heat Mat Digital Thermostat Combo 10''x20.75''

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Quick Overview
  • 1 Piece Of 10''X20.75''Heat Mat
  • Best match for one standard 1020 tray
  • Temperature controllable to meet any needs

Mars Hydro seedling heat mat takes far-infrared radiation heating form to provide a soft and stable warmth that is maintained to your needs by a digital controller, professional for seed starting and cutting propagation in any horticultural system, covered by double water-proof PVC insulated layers and loaded with over-heating protection that enable the safe operation and is easy to clean.


Precise Digital Thermostat:

With a high thermal conductivity metal probe outside and the fast processing power Chip inside, accurately display the current TEMP and power off after reaching the TEMP immediately.

User-friendly heat preservation pad:

2 outer layers which are insulating and IP67 waterproof, you can clean it safely and easily. Combination with a digital thermostat, warm up and keep the tempo of the soil, or your reptile safely.

Smart Temp Controller:

Smart Cache is the last target temp. with led indicator lights observe and take care of your plants and pets easily. The control range is 40~ 108 °F (5 ~42 °C), The Display range is 32~140 °F (0~ 60 °C).

Reliable MARS HYDRO Team:

UL and FCC listed and 1-year warranty. We're active on social media, you could reach us for suggestions or solutions anywhere anytime. We are always at your service.


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Seedling Heat Mat Digital Thermostat Combo 10''x20.75''

More Information
Core Coverage1.5'x1.5'
Max Coverage1.5'x1.5
Certificate UL FCC CE UKCA
Dimension10'' x 20.75''
Fan ControllerDigital Controller
Diy Tent Parent SkuMH-100X100X180,MH-120X120X200,MH-120X60X180,MH-150X150X200,MH-150X300X200,MH-240X120X200,MH-240X240X200,MH-60X60X140,MH-60X60X90,MH-70X70X160,MH-80X80X160
Diy Product TypeAccessories
Build Acc Model10''x20'' Heat Mat
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