Best LED Grow Lights of Mars Hydro for a 2x4’ Grow Tent.

Many novice growers don’t know how to choose the right grow light after purchasing a grow tent. A 4ft x 2ft(1.2mx0.6m) grow tent is popular among new growers to start with. To maximize the yield of this grow tent, growers need at least 200~300 watts of artificial sunlight. Therefore, to choose a high quality grow light with the right coverage for a 2x4 grow tent is the foremost step to take before proceeding with any plant cultivation.


What Size Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights Do I Need for a 2’x4’ Grow Tent?

For 2’x4’ grow tent, there are two LED grow lights of Mars Hydro with the same wattage that especially suit for 2’x4’ tent. They are SP3000 and TSL2000. Then let’s see what the difference is between them.


What’s The Difference Between The Two Lights?

Light Utilization Rate: SP3000 adopts a narrow light board design, small in size, with high penetration, which can minimize the obstruction of natural light. It is suitable for tall plants so that the light can reach the lower leaves evenly. Compared with SP3000, TSL2000 has an additional reflector design, which can effectively radiate light in all directions and maximize light utilization. It is ideal for use in grow tents, cubbies, cupboards and closets.


Cooling Effects: As we all know, poor heat dissipation performance may cause damage to the internal parts of grow light and reduce its lifespan. TSL2000 adopts aluminum reflector design, and the metal material has good thermal conductivity, which also makes this light have good heat dissipation. However, SP3000 is better in terms of heat dissipation, with its thick finned aluminum heatsink that dissipates heat quickly and provides better heat dissipation. Fortunately, the driver of the two lights both can be removed and comes with a long cord. If temperatures run too hot in your tent, you can easily remove the driver and locate it outside the tent.


Cost-Effective: Samsung and Bridglux are both the famous chip brand in the world. According to measurement, the PPE value of SP3000 is 2.8μmol/j, and TSL2000 is 2.6μmol/j. That said, Samsung LEDs are slightly more efficient than Bridgelux. SP3000 adopts Samsung chips, which are slightly more expensive. But TSL2000 adopts Bridgelux chip, the price is more affordable. As for which one to choose, it depends on your own budget and needs.


PAR Received by Plants:

PPFD is photosynthetic photon flux density. It measures the amount of PAR that actually arrives at the plant, or as a scientist might say: “the number of photosynthetically active photons that fall on a given surface each second”. From comparing PPFD values of the two lights, we can see that the PPFD value of SP3000 is slightly higher than that of TSL2000, which means that the light distribution of SP3000 is more uniform than that of TSL2000.


Light Spectrum Emittion:

Both SP3000 and TSL2000 are full-spectrum LED grow lights, but the spectral structures of these two lights are different. Red light ratio of SP3000 is the highest of any Mars Hydro light, and its rich red light interacts with the deep 660nm red light in the spectrum to aid in flowering and dense bud. TSL2000 provides most of the light in the 400-700nm band through a unique spectral combination, which is very beneficial for photon assimilation. Sufficient IR (730-740nm) was also added to the spectrum to produce larger buds. IR stimulates plant growth, flowering and photosynthesis. However, not all plants can receive a lot of IR, and you need to choose based on your plant type and light needs.


Suitable for Different People

In conclusion, after reading the above introduction, I believe you already have your own answer on which light to choose in a 2'x4' tent. If you grow taller plants, it is highly recommended that you use SP3000 with strong light penetration, the uniform PPFD can help your plants grow faster and better. If you are a beginner with a limited budget and want to find a light with the best performance in a limited budget, TSL2000 is definitely the best choice. This is also the reason why TS series are the king of sales. But no matter in terms of quality, light intensity or price, these two lights must be out of many other brands, you only need to choose one at will.


In Addition to LED Grow Lights, Some Accessories Are Needed.

Now that you have found the right light for your tent, a high-efficiency inline fan kit is indispensable for a complete growing system, and Mars Hydro provides a complete system for home grow. We all know that plants need light and nutrients to thrive, but one thing that is often overlooked is the airflow system in your grow tent. The right inline fan and carbon filter will maintain humidity, temperature and carbon dioxide levels in your grow tent.

Generally speaking, the air volume required for a 2'x4' tent is below 205cfm. So we recommend that you use a 4-inch inline fan kit. Mars Hydro 4-inch inline fans provide up to 205 CFM of airflow and operate quietly. In addition, the fan adopts intelligent design, that is to say the high and low temperature humidity sensor automatically alarms through the sensor probe, so you can use it with confidence without worrying about accidents. And the filter element of carbon filter adopts activated carbon imported from Australia, which is conducive to indoor fresh air circulation and eliminates odor.


If you find it troublesome to buy all the accessories separately, we also provide you with the TSL2000 and SP3000 grow tent kits, which not only saves you the time of selection, but also saves you a lot of money. These grow tent kits include accessories such as grow tents, LED grow lights, inline fan, carbon filter, duct tube, timer, grow bags, plant nets, and hygrometer to meet your indoor growing needs.


Mars Hydro Will Always Provide You with the Best Grow Lights

As a 13-year manufacturer, Mars Hydro dedicated to provide growers with the most cost-effective LED grow lights and grow tents. Our grow lights and tents are made of high-quality material, which are strong and durable. The products have passed some certifications, such as CE, ETL, RoHS, UKCA. Please trust us at any time, Mars Hydro will always company you to provide you the most satisfactory products and services.