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Mars Hydro Hydroponic 2x2 Grow Tent - 27''X27''X63'' (70X70X160cm)

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Quick Overview

Tent Size: 2.3'x2.3'x5.3' = 27''X27''X63'' = 70X70X160cm

  • Recommended light: TS-1000
  • Recommended Ventilation: 4’’ Inline Fan
  • Usually applied as a separate nursery for seedling and veg room, can be flexibly placed in any corner of the room.

Mars Hydro grow tents feature sturdy metal framework to easily support 110 lbs of weight. Eco-friendly 1680D oxford fabric to prevent light leaking, and lined with 98% reflective Mylar to improve light intensity by 25%. All features are to provide an enclosed indoor cultivation room for your plants all year round.


1.mars hydro high quality grow tent

2.mars hydro grow tent solves your issues with growing space

3.mars hydro grow tent harness the power of enhanced reflectivity

4.mars hydro grow tent is built to last with 1680D oxford fabric

5.mars hydro grow tent is designed to minimize light leakage

6.mars hydro grow tent with sturdy metal frame ensuring your plants' safety

7.70x70x160cm grow tent utilize your space more effectively

9.mars hydro grow tent experience convenient and hassle-free installation

10.mars hydro grow tent helps you place anywhere and grow anything

11.70x70x160-suggested fan and light combine with mars hydro grow tent

More Information
Tent Size2.3'x2.3'x5.3'=27"x27"x63"=70x70x160cm
Package Weight6.8KG/15.1lb
Tent Capacity1-4 Plants
Door Qty1 Front Door
View Window1 Front Window
Mesh Window1x10''x10''=1x25cmx25cm
Vent Size2x6'', 1x8'' (2x15cm, 1x20cm)
Weight Affordability50KG/110lb
Canvas Thickness1680D
Exterior MaterialOxford Fabric
Interior MaterialHighly-reflective Mylar
Suggested LightingTS600, SP150
Recommended Fan Size4’’ Inline Duct Fan
Diy Size1
96% of 100
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No Light Leakage With High Reflectivity

Mars Hydro's 2.3x2.3 grow tent with high reflectivity and no light leakage for optimal indoor growing of your plants. Our grow tents are made with tear-proof 1680D canvas and carefully-stitched zippers, ensuring that all the light stays inside and preventing any light from leaking out.

Increased Light Intensity

The highly-reflective inner diamond mylar is a special material that can reflect light to every part of the plant, boosting light intensity by up to 25% and generating greater yields than growing without an indoor tent. Invest in a 2.3x2.3 grow tent with diamond inner mylar to optimize your plant growth and get the most out of your indoor gardening efforts.

Sturdy And Durable Indoor Grow Tent

Mars Hydro's 2.3x2.3 grow tent is designed to provide sturdy support for your plants. With a metal framework and metal corners that can support up to 110 pounds, our grow tents are highly durable and resistant to corrosion, tipping over, or getting crushed. You can trust that your plants will be safe and secure in Mars Hydro grow tents.

User-Friendly Concepts

This grow tent comes equipped with a variety of convenient features to make indoor gardening a breeze. The tent includes a mesh window for easy observation of your plants, a removable floor tray for easy cleaning, and circular air vent holes with flexible nylon straps to make it easy to install ventilation systems. Additionally, the tent includes an extra tool bag for managing small gardening equipment. With all these features, Mars Hydro's 2.3x2.3 grow tent is the perfect solution for your indoor gardening needs.

Personal And Perpetual Grow Area

With Mars Hydro grow tents, you can grow your favorite plants all year round without worrying about seasonal changes or unpredictable weather. Our grow tents provide a unique space for growers to cultivate their plants in a controlled environment, ensuring optimal growth and yield. Invest in a grow tent from Mars Hydro and take the first step towards becoming a successful indoor gardener.

Trustworthy Grow Tents For Indoor Plants

As a top manufacturer of premium grow tents, Mars Hydro is committed to meeting the needs of indoor gardeners. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, our brand has become a trusted name among the indoor gardening community. Our grow tents are designed to create an ideal environment for your plants to thrive, no matter your experience level. With a Mars Hydro grow tent, you can trust that your plants will receive the support and protection they need to grow strong and healthy. Choose Mars Hydro for all your indoor gardening needs and experience the difference that quality and dedication can make.

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