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Indoor gardening allows you to have complete control over your plants' environment and can be a fulfilling and rewarding hobby. However, choosing the right equipment can be a massive hurdle between novice growers and their dream gardens.

Mars Hydro hereby made this guide with ample information that will provide you with the essential equipment for beginners to start with, as well as optional equipment for each plant phase. With our recommendations, you'll be able to maximize your yields and enjoy fresh herbs, vegetables, and flowers all year round. Get started on your indoor gardening journey today with Mars Hydro's beginner-friendly equipment recommendations.

In this guide, we will not mention the soil, the seeds, the strains, and the nutrients or fertilizer you use but the other indoor grow supplies whether big or small.

Affordable Starter Equipment For Beginner Growers

Beginners may not know exactly what they need when they first start out, and may make mistakes or need to make adjustments to their setup. That's why a small investment is always the best choice to get started with. By choosing affordable equipment, novice indoor growers can make changes without worrying about wasting money on expensive equipment that may not be right for their needs.

The basic requirement to start growing indoors in a professional manner is to have at least an indoor grow tent and a grow light.

As the indoor growing market is now standardized, it is best to categorize growing equipment by size when making recommendations for the convenience of the growers.

2’x2’ Size Beginner Grow

A 2ft by 2ft planting area is the minimum size required to grow one medium-sized plant with enough space for the necessary equipment and for the leaves to stretch. If your prepared growing area is about this size, Mars Hydro would recommend the indoor equipment in the following list:

  • A 2'x2' indoor grow tent

  • A TS 600 LED grow light (if you're growing flowering plants), or an SP 150 LED grow light (if you're growing green leafy plants)

  • TWO grow pots or grow bags, one in 3-gallon and another in 5 gallon

  • A thermo-hygrometer

    2x2 size grow for beginners

These are the least of the new things you need to add to your garden. An indoor grow tent can provide your plants with an individual room for increasing the light efficiency and for creating a controlled environment, while grow lights provide artificial full spectrum lighting that plants need to live and thrive. The two different-sized containers are used to establish a strong root system for soil growing as the seedlings grow into mature plants. And you need at least a hygrometer to monitor the environmental factors for your plant health.

2.3’x2.3’ Size For One Plant

In addition to the size difference, the 2.3'x2.3' sized planting area allows growers more space to add equipment and practice their planting skills. Mars Hydro would recommend the following indoor growing equipment:

With dimmable grow lights, growers can learn to provide the right lighting for their plants at different grow phases, as well as the skill of saving electricity with the dimming function. An inline ducted fan has been added to the list to provide air circulation and strengthen the plants' stems while helping beginners learn how to control temperature and humidity. The timer is a great help for beginners to get into automatic settings as it helps to turn lights or fans on and off.

2’x4’ For Two Indoor Plants

If you start with two plants and you don't have much spare space, a rectangle growing area could save a lot of space. Mars Hydro would recommend:

Starting with two plants, beginners can learn to place the plants with enough space between them so that they don't compete for light and their branches don't interfere with each other.

3'x3' For Beginners To Practice Skills

The 3'x3' size is the best for novice growers who are willing to learn or practice growing methods and skills with a complete grow system. It is large enough to grow one big plant or to grow many small plants. In this size, growers can be as free as they can to try LST, SOG, Super-cropping, Topping, Lollipopping... For this size, Mars Hydro recommends:

The basic grow system comes complete with a lighting system, a ventilation system, and a control system, all in this size. A carbon filter is included to help deal with odors, and a clip fan is added to enhance regular airflow and prevent mold and plant diseases. Growers may choose to invest in a humidifier or dehumidifier depending on the local climate, but it's more common to use a humidifier since plants require a higher humidity level. For more convenient control, a central controller that can automatically manage all of your electrical devices is essential.

Why Do We Recommend TS Series LED Grow Lights to Beginners?

We recommend TS Series LED lights to beginners for several reasons. First, they are energy-efficient and produce low heat to keep your tent cool. Second, they have a full-spectrum design that provides plants with the light they need from seed to harvest. Third, the TS Series LED lights are easy to set up and use, with simple controls and adjustable brightness. Most importantly, TS Series are cheap in price and effective in performance, making them the most cost-efficient and the most popular lighting solution for beginner growers!

If your budget allows you to go further, beginners can try swapping out the TS lights for bar-style LED lights: FC-E and FC lights. They cost more money but allow for cooler running and higher light intensity, which will help even when you become a master and consider upgrading your equipment.

Add Optional Indoor Equipment For Better Plant Growth

The aforementioned equipment is already sufficient to start a professional indoor growing operation, but if your budget allows, there are additional useful tools that can help you grow even better flowers indoors and make your work easier.

For The Seedling Stage

  • Seedling tray or germination dome to germinate seeds

  • Heat mat or germination station to maintain a warm temperature

  • Propagation light (Mars Hydro VG80) to provide adequate light

  • Humidity dome to keep the humidity levels high

    Starter indoor grow equipment for the seeds and the seedling stage

For The Vegetative Stage

  • pH testing kit to check soil and water pH

  • Oscillating fan for air circulation and to strengthen the plants' stems

  • Training stakes or trellis netting to help train your plants to grow in a certain direction and support the plants and encourage even canopy growth

  • Pest control solutions, such as insecticidal soap or neem oil, can help you address any pest issues that arise.

  • CO2 enrichment system to help increase yields by providing the plants with more carbon dioxide for photosynthesis.

    Assistant small grow equipment for the vegetative stage

For The Flowering Stage

  • Flowering nutrient solution to boost blooming and produce buds.

  • Supplemental CO2 system (CO2 bag or CO2 tank) to enhance bud development.

  • UV and IR light spectrum (Mars Hydro UR45) for boosting trichomes and regulating sleeping periods

  • Magnifying tool or microscope (jeweler's loupe is easy to use and buy) to check trichome maturity

    Assistant small grow supplies for flowering stage

For Harvesting Phase

  • Pruning shears or scissors for harvesting

  • Drying rack or drying tent for drying buds

  • Mason jars or airtight containers for curing and storing buds

  • Hygrometer to monitor humidity levels during curing (on the lids or small enough to be in the containers)

    Asistant indoor grow supplies for curing and drying

Give Your Setup Intelligence

  • A grow hub (Mars Hydro iHub) to monitor and control the whole grow system remotely and automatically

A Short Introduction of Mars Hydro iHub

Mars Hydro iHub power strip controlled smart grow system

The Mars Hydro iHub smart power strip is a revolutionary device designed for indoor growers. This power strip is an all-in-one solution that allows you to easily control the lighting, ventilation, and other equipment in your grow room. By connecting to a mobile app, you can control your grow room equipment from anywhere worldwide and make automatic schedules for switches, dimming, and alarms as it develops an intelligent monitoring system that alerts you to any changes in your grow room environment. Beginners won't be worried and rushed to find a failed crop by harsh temperatures, humid weather, or excessive lighting as the iHub will help you monitor and manage your cultivation at any time.

An Easy Pick: The Complete Grow Tent Kit For Beginners

The Complete Grow Tent Kit is an excellent choice for beginners who want to start cultivating plants indoors. It includes a durable tent, LED lights, and a ventilation system - everything you need to create a controlled growing environment in your home.

What’s In The Mars Hydro Grow Tent Kits

Mars Hydro starter grow kits for beginners

Mars Hydro's grow kits include energy-efficient LED lights, durable and portable grow tents, appropriately sized duct fans and carbon filters and the pipes to connect them, grow bags to hold the plants, and useful tools such as thermo-hygrometers, timers, trellis nets. For c beginners, Mars Hydro offers the TS 600 grow tent kit in the 2'x2' size, the TS 1000 grow tent kit in the 2.3'x2.3' size, the FC-E 3000 grow tent kit in the 3'x3' size and the TSL 2000 grow tent kit in the 2'x4' size.

You can have a kit and grow indoors right away!


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