Best Christmas Gifts Under $100 for Indoor Growers 2023

As the chilly winds of winter start to blow, it’s the ideal time to embrace the warmth of indoor gardening. Christmas, a holiday season of giving and growth, offers a unique opportunity to delight the green thumbs in your life. Whether they're just beginning to explore the wonders of indoor cultivation, are seasoned growers seeking to elevate their gardens, or enthusiasts ready to take their setup to the next level, Mars Hydro presents an array of best Christmas gift options to suit every indoor gardener's needs.

Dive into our specially curated selection of the best Christmas gifts, each thoughtfully chosen to enrich the indoor gardening journey. From high-efficiency grow lights to advanced ventilation systems, our guide includes the best Christmas gifts that promise to bring joy, growth, and a bountiful harvest to any indoor gardening enthusiast.

Christmas Gifts For Beginners

Mars Hydro TS1000 LED Grow Light - $99.99

For those seeking the perfect Christmas gift for indoor gardeners, the Mars Hydro TS1000 LED grow light is an exceptional choice, especially for beginners initiating their indoor cultivation this winter.

Why is the TS1000 the go-to option?

  1. Beginner-Friendly: If you're gifting someone who's just starting or has expressed interest in indoor gardening, the TS1000 is an ideal pick. It's designed for ease of use, making it perfect for novices or hobbyists eager to start their indoor growing journey.

  2. Energy Efficiency for Winter Growing: The TS1000 stands out for its high energy efficiency, crucial for the extended lighting hours needed in winter. This feature is particularly beneficial for beginners, helping them keep energy costs in check during the colder months.

  3. Optimal for Small to Medium Spaces: With its suitability for smaller grow areas, the TS1000 provides adequate lighting for a range of plants, ensuring beginners can start their journey without the overwhelm of managing larger, more intense lighting systems.

  4. Full-Spectrum Lighting: Offering a full spectrum, it supports all stages of plant growth, a vital attribute in winter when natural sunlight is limited.

  5. Affordability: Its reasonable price point makes it a cost-effective gift, perfect for those not wanting to invest heavily in their initial setup.

  6. Reliability and Positive Reviews: Garnering positive feedback for its performance and durability, the TS1000 gives beginners confidence in their first indoor gardening tool.

In summary, the Mars Hydro TS1000 LED grow light is a well-rounded, efficient, and user-friendly option, making it an ideal Christmas gift for anyone embarking on indoor gardening this winter. It offers a blend of quality, efficiency, and affordability, ensuring a fruitful start to indoor cultivation.

Budget-Friendly Option: TS600 LED Grow Light - $62.99

If you're searching for an affordable Christmas gift for an indoor gardening enthusiast, the Mars Hydro TS600 LED Grow Light is a fantastic, budget-friendly option. For those on a tighter budget, the TS600 is a wonderful alternative to the TS 1000.

Priced at just $62.99, it's an accessible choice for those new to indoor gardening. The TS600 is specially designed for small-scale setups, providing adequate light for 1-2 plants. Its compact size makes it a perfect fit for limited spaces, ensuring that even beginners with constrained growing areas can nurture their plants effectively. This light's affordability and practicality make it an excellent gift for those starting their indoor gardening journey without stretching your holiday budget.

For Growers Seeking to Optimize Their Current Setup

UR45 Supplemental Light - $71.99

The UR45 supplemental light, priced at $71.99, is an excellent addition for indoor gardeners who already have a basic growing setup and are looking to elevate their plant growth. This light specifically enhances growth through its UV (Ultraviolet) and IR (Infrared) light bands.

  1. UV Light Benefits: The UV bands ranging from 365-420nm can help in developing stronger, healthier plants by stimulating certain defensive compounds, enhancing the plant’s resilience and potentially improving its nutritional quality.

  2. IR Light Advantages: The IR bands between 730-745nm are particularly effective during the flowering stage of plants. They can aid in increasing the leaf area and stimulating biomass production, leading to more abundant and potentially larger blooms.

  3. Versatile Use: The UR45 is not just a regular grow light; it's specifically designed to supplement the existing lighting setup. It can be used alongside full-spectrum lights to provide the specific wavelengths needed at different stages of plant growth.

  4. Customizable Settings: Equipped with a spectral switch, the UR45 allows growers to turn ON/OFF the UV and IR lights independently or use them simultaneously, offering flexibility and control over the light spectrum.

  5. Easy Integration: The light comes with brackets for easy attachment to Mars Hydro FC Series LED grow lights, as well as hooks for hanging, making it simple to add to any existing setup.

By incorporating the UR45 into their existing equipment, growers can significantly boost the growth and yield of their indoor plants. Its specialized light spectrum makes it an ideal tool for those aiming to achieve specific growth outcomes and enhance the overall health and productivity of their indoor garden.

VG80 LED T5 Grow Light - $79.99

The VG80 LED T5 Grow Light, priced at $79.99, is a superb Christmas gift for indoor gardeners looking to support their plants, especially during the seedling, vegetative, and cloning stages. Its energy-efficient design and cost-effectiveness make it an ideal upgrade from traditional fluorescent T5 bulbs.

  • Full-Spectrum Lighting: Utilizing OSRAM chips, the VG80 provides a full spectrum of light that is essential for plant photosynthesis, promoting vigorous and healthy plant growth.

  • Waterproof and Durable: With an IP65 waterproof rating, it's designed to withstand diverse indoor growing environments, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Compact and Versatile: The sleek design of the VG80 makes it easy to integrate into various indoor settings, enhancing its utility for indoor gardeners with different space constraints.

By gifting the VG80 LED T5 Grow Light, you're offering a practical and efficient tool for indoor plant cultivation, making it an excellent choice for Christmas gifts, especially for those looking to optimize their indoor gardening setups.

Additional Christmas Gift Ideas

Mars Hydro Grow Tents - Ideal Christmas Presents

Elevate the indoor gardening experience this Christmas with Mars Hydro's range of high-quality grow tents, perfect for both seasoned horticulturists and beginners. These tents are designed to create an ideal growing environment right at home, ensuring healthy and thriving plants.

Why Mars Hydro Grow Tents?

Mars Hydro Grow Tents blend innovative design with functionality to deliver an unmatched indoor gardening experience. Known for the superior reflective mylar lining, which enhances light intensity for plant growth, we also feature a sturdy, all-metal frame for robust support. With an easy-to-monitor observation window, efficient ventilation system, and simple assembly process, our tents provide a comprehensive solution for environmental control. The heavy-duty 1680D canvas construction ensures durability while protecting against pests and diseases, and their space-efficient design allows them to fit seamlessly into various spaces.

How Mars Hydro outperforms the competition.

Proven to outperform competitors in reflective quality, sturdiness, and cost-effectiveness, Mars Hydro Grow Tents offer a controlled, optimal growth environment that maximizes plant development potential. For an in-depth look at how we outshine other brands, click here.

Having explored the unique features and benefits of our Grow Tents, let's now delve into the specific models available, each designed to cater to different indoor gardening needs. From the compact and budget-friendly options ideal for small-scale projects to larger tents offering more space and capacity, We have a solution for every indoor gardener. Here's a closer look at the diverse range of 2X2 grow tents, with details on size, price, and suitability for various plant quantities.

2X2 Grow Tent 24''X24''X55''(60X60X140CM) - $59.99

- This model is suitable for 1-2 plants and has a square footage of 4 feet.

- It is 55 inches in height and can support a weight of up to 88 lbs.

- This compact size is ideal for small-scale indoor gardening projects.

2X2 Grow Tent 27''X27''X63'' (70X70X160CM) - $69.99

- Accommodates 1-2 plants in a 5.3 square feet area.

- This tent stands 63 inches tall and has a weight capacity of 110 lbs.

- It includes a viewing window and offers slightly more space than the first option.

3X3 Grow Ten 39''X39''X71'' (100X100X180CM) - $99.99

- Designed for 1-3 plants with a square footage of 9 feet.

- It has a height of 71 inches and supports up to 110 lbs.

- This larger model also includes a viewing window and provides ample space for a variety of plants.

Each of these tents is a testament to Mars Hydro's commitment to quality and functionality, making them a wonderful gift choice for indoor gardeners this Christmas. Whether it's starting a new green journey or enhancing an existing setup, these grow tents are sure to bring joy and bountiful harvests to any indoor gardener.

iFresh 6-Inch Smart Inline Duct Fan - $85.99

Elevate the indoor gardening experience for your loved ones this Christmas with the innovative iFresh 6-Inch Smart Inline Duct Fan. Priced at just $85.99, it's a thoughtful and transformative gift for any indoor cultivation space, offering smart, app-controlled features for ultimate convenience.

What makes the iFresh Smart Inline Duct Fan exceptional?

- Smart Control Functionality: With app-enabled adjustments, users can remotely tweak ventilation settings, ensuring convenience and precise environment control.

- Optimal Climate Management: Designed to promote ideal air circulation, the fan plays a crucial role in maintaining the perfect balance of temperature and humidity in grow rooms.

- Energy-Efficient Operation: This fan is engineered to reduce power consumption while still providing effective air circulation.

- Simple Setup: Installation is straightforward, making it suitable for various indoor gardening spaces.

- Quiet Performance: Its operation is notably quiet, minimizing noise, which is particularly important in residential or communal areas.

Overall, the iFresh Smart Inline Duct Fan is an indispensable tool for any indoor gardener, boasting advanced features to uphold an ideal grow room climate.

6-Inch Grow Tent Clip Fan - $31.99

Delight the indoor gardening enthusiast in your life with the Mars Hydro 6-Inch Grow Tent Clip Fan, a perfect Christmas gift choice at $31.99. As an economical alternative to more expensive options like the iFresh Inline Duct Fan, it stands out for its affordability without compromising on functionality. Here's why it's a great choice:

- Essential for Indoor Gardening: This fan is crucial for regulating air circulation and temperature in grow spaces, promoting plant health.

- Space-Saving Design: Its clip-on nature allows for easy attachment in various settings, ideal for compact grow tents or limited spaces.

- Adjustable Settings: Offering customizable speed and direction, it caters to specific airflow needs, enhancing its practicality and thoughtfulness as a gift.

- Plant Health Promotion: Effective air circulation helps prevent mold, mildew, and disease, ensuring a healthier growing environment.

- Energy Efficiency: Designed for low energy consumption, it's a cost-effective solution for long-term indoor gardening, offering similar benefits to more expensive models like the iFresh Inline Duct Fan but at a more affordable price.

- Economical Choice: This fan provides a budget-friendly option for those looking to optimize their indoor garden without the higher cost associated with more advanced systems.

- Versatile Application: Beyond hydroponics, it's useful in home offices, kitchens, or bedrooms, adding to its gift suitability.

- Low Noise Level: Appreciated for its quiet operation, it ensures minimal disturbance.

- Durability: Known for quality, Mars Hydro products like this fan are reliable and long-lasting.

- Cost-Effective Substitute: It serves as a practical and affordable alternative for those not ready to invest in more expensive ventilation systems, making it an accessible choice for all levels of indoor gardeners.

In summary, the Mars Hydro 6-Inch Grow Tent Clip Fan is an ideal Christmas gift, offering practicality, versatility, and thoughtful features for anyone interested in indoor gardening or maintaining a comfortable living space. Its affordability and effectiveness make it an attractive substitute for higher-end models, providing excellent value for money.

Mars Hydro Seedling Heat Mat Digital Thermostat Combo - $62.99

The Mars Hydro Seedling Heat Mat with Digital Thermostat is the perfect gift for those who love to start their garden this winter, providing consistent, gentle warmth that is crucial for germination. Ideal for two standard 1020 trays, it comes with a controllable temperature setting to meet the varying needs of different plants, and its far-infrared radiation heating is covered by water-resistant layers for safe and easy operation.

Mars Hydro Seed Starting Trays - $18.99

Alongside the heat mat, consider the Mars Hydro Seed Starting Trays, a twin pack that acts as mini nurseries, creating an optimal environment for seed germination. These trays are crafted with an intuitive dome design for better light penetration, adjustable vents for humidity control, and are made from premium silicone for easy plant removal.


The ideal pairing of the Mars Hydro Seedling Heat Mat Digital Thermostat Combo ($62.99) with the Mars Hydro Seed Starting Trays ($18.99) presents a thoughtful gift option under $100. It's perfect for gardening enthusiasts eager to begin their planting journey indoors, especially during the colder months. Gifting this combination is a way to infuse the winter season with the vibrancy of spring, offering warmth and care to nurture life in its early stages.

Enhancing Your Planting Experience

Mars Hydro Drip Irrigation Kits - $80.99

Enhance an indoor gardener's holiday season with the Mars Hydro Drip Irrigation Kit, a sophisticated system offered at $80.99 that promises to revolutionize plant care. This comprehensive kit is engineered with precision to deliver a consistent and measured flow of moisture directly to the roots of up to 8 plants, catering to a diverse range of indoor garden setups. The user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free installation, allowing gardeners to set and forget, thereby saving precious time during the busy Christmas.

It's an indispensable tool for any serious gardener looking to optimize their plant care routine and is an especially thoughtful Christmas gift for those who value both efficiency and the health of their green companions.

Dwc Hydroponic System Kit - $89.99

The Mars Hydro 5-Gallon DWC Hydroponic System is an exceptional gift for garden enthusiasts, blending cutting-edge hydroponic technology with simplicity, perfect for both beginners and experienced growers.

Why choose the Mars Hydro DWC Hydroponic System?

- Advanced Hydroponic Technology: The top-feed drip system is a recent enhancement, ensuring a steady supply of nutrient-rich water, which boosts absorption and accelerates plant growth.

- Robust and Spacious Construction: It includes two 5-gallon plant buckets made from high-quality PP material for durability, complemented by 8-inch baskets that support multiple plants, fostering healthy root growth.

- Optimized Oxygen Supply: Equipped with a high-performance air pump (7 L/min, 110-120V/60HZ, 8W) and an efficient air stone, it guarantees a constant air flow, vital for robust root development.

- Comprehensive and User-Friendly Kit: The package contains everything needed to start: 2x 5-gallon PP plant buckets, 2x 8-inch grow baskets, drip irrigation sets, an air pump, air tubing, air stones, clay pebbles, water level indicators, valve connections, and an easy-to-follow manual.

- Versatile and Year-Round Use: Suitable for a range of settings, from grow tents to balconies, it enables the cultivation of fresh produce throughout the year, irrespective of weather conditions.

- Eco-Friendly and Space-Efficient: This system is water and energy efficient, ideal for urban settings with limited space. It promotes sustainable gardening by minimizing the need for water, pesticides, and herbicides.

- Educational Value: An excellent opportunity to learn and experiment with advanced gardening techniques.

The Mars Hydro DWC Hydroponic System is more than a gardening tool; it's a gateway to efficient, sustainable, and high-yield gardening. It stands out as a top choice for those eager to delve into hydroponics or enhance their current gardening endeavors.


This collection of the best Christmas gifts from Mars Hydro is thoughtfully tailored to meet the varied needs and goals of indoor gardeners.

Each item in our range is a nod to our unwavering commitment to quality and efficiency, ensuring that your gift is more than just a product—it's a step towards a richer indoor gardening journey. When you choose a gift from our selection, you're not just giving a tool; you're contributing to a future of vibrant growth and abundant harvests.

This holiday season, give the great Christmas gift of green growth and bountiful harvests with Mars Hydro!